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  • Beatles Blast From The Past

    Something good and fun to talk about. Sooooooo Many tunes to praise, dissect, and discuss. What they did in the 60's and 70's is hard to believe. Listen to the changes, multiple harmonies, and endless musical instruments.

    Pick a song, if ya like, to talk about, enjoy or, hate.

    Need a break from "our current form of football."

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    I kinda like this one to start.

    However, football aside, some of what they did in the studio was unbelievable today, let alone way back when.


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      Man, I would've given anything to see this amazing, AMAZING BAND live!!!

      So many great songs to choose from, would never be able to pick a favorite..but this one from their last public 'gig' on the Apple Corp rooftop with Billy Preston on keyboards definitely ranks right up there!


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        Truly the most influential band ever. I'm more of a 62-66 fan. Up to Revolver. My favorite is She Loves You. That song just blasts off and never comes back to earth until that 3 part harmony on the last "yeah".


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