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    Several of us LONG TIME POSTERS were talking after the game yesterday, in private because most don't feel comfortable posting anymore, and we were disgusted by the play of the Miami Dolphins players, by the lack of coaching by the Dolphins coaching staff, the horrific playcalling, the poor quarterback play, the terrible defense, the horrific preparation by this coaching staff, the lack of creativity, lack of adjustments, and the list went on and on.

    However, what was a surprising 'Hot Topic' was this forum and how certain "members" are just ruining the FUN we used to have on the old forum, and this forum when we first got here. The main theme was that everyone was tired of this same poster(s) that we have been dealing with for MANY years. There is one thread on this forum that has ALL of these long time posters just fed up and tired of the nonsense that has been going on for many of years. They were saying that it is sad to see since they know Finatics is obviously working tirelessly to try and improve this forum while 1-2 members are literally RUINING this forum all by themselves, with their condescending threads and posts, and to top it off creating alternate identities to backup their ideas to make their opinions seem more valid, or to dig themselves out of holes that they created.

    These 1-2 posters think that because they have a new name, slightly new writing style, purposely not using punctuation, using a different font, etc. that they can fool the rest of us who have seen this act before and know how it plays out. We would all prefer to have a closed group with just 20 members who are actually 20 different people, not 1-2 people using 15 different e-mail addresses to dig themselves out of holes that they created or backup up their OPINIONS. One guy makes a ridiculous thread to "try" and embarrass 98% of the forum and that thread backfires and winds up embarrassing him, so he goes into hiding, then his life partner comes to his rescue. No, the "life partner" comment is not meant to be a slam, it is a theory that most agree is what is going on here. Either these "two" posters are the same person OR they are a married couple because nobody defends other posters like they do, they don't agree on every topic like they do, no other two posters have so much in common then these two, they follow each other around in every thread, etc. One theory is said poster is "The Redhead" that the other refers to...……….

    We feel like we are all Randall Patrick McMurphy watching ONE crazy poster pretend to be several different people. We all agree that every single forum member that we met who was here prior to the merger of the forums are great people. Unfortunately, a 'few people' that came over from the old forum brought over their old baggage and old games with them.

    They are talking about creating their own forum, which they do NOT want to do, where they would feel more comfortable posting and discussing Dolphins football in a place where they know they are actually talking to different people, not Mr. Sybil playing e-mail games pretending to be dozens of different people. So if you see less of a bunch of old school posters or don't see them login for a long time you now know the reason. They like the REAL posters that don't make condescending threads and posts here but the "I know more then you" attitude has played itself out for these posters.

    Yeah, I put this in The Lounge because I knew "someone" would immediately move it here like he always does.

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    I am quite sick of this poster your talking about,and it's only getting worse.I f-cking see red and have to hold my comments because what I'd say would get me kicked of this forum and I don't want that!


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