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    Let me ask your opinions:

    My son is a running back for pop warner football, first year tackle. Over the weekend his team had a game, and had a 3 touchdown lead by half time. My son plays corner on defense for the first half and switches to offense for the second half. Well, by the end of the 3rd quarter he still hadn't been switched over to offense, despite asking. We had such a lead they told him to just stand there on defense and let other team run by. Well, he was very upset that he was the ONLY boy not put on offense, so i crossed the sacred "line" (aka the white lines behind the bench) and asked his head coach what was going on with his lack of play (WITH an attitude, of course) and got screamed at and told it was an oversight and I needed to back up. Needless to say, an assistant coach got in my face and I simply walked away.

    After the game ended and they shook hands, I called my son over and left, without letting him join in the end of game huddle. Anyway, complaints were filed, I got an apology for the "oversight" of my son being forgot about. However, I got ganged up on my parents tonight saying how immature I was and how it showed no sportsmanship and how I deeply upset them and their children for how I acted. I was told I owe them an apology. I said yea right I stood up for my son. I wasn't going to wait until after the game to ask why he was never put in, Im not that kind of mom. Apparently I should have kept my mouth shut and mentioned it after the game, instead of correcting the issue right there. And how dare I not let him sit in the huddle after the game, after the assistant coach screamed at me for questioning the head coach.

    So I am asking for the opinion of you men, fathers, possible coaches.

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    You don't owe anyone any apology for standing up for your son. I'm not sure walking away at the end was the correct thing to do but any parent should understand why you did what you did. my 2 cents.
    While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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      I gotta agree with D1. Especially if your son enjoys the huddle. Would he have had the opportunity to ask why he didn't get switched in the huddle? I understand why you left, just not sure if it was the best thing for your boy.
      β€œIt is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain


      • DollPhan72
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        No. its more of a "we are the coaches don't question us" type of thing. Usually the end of game huddle just tells them what they did wrong and how much work they have to do next week.

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      If more parents stuck up for their children the world would be a better place!
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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        My son went through football from pop warner flag all the way to playing at a small college.
        At your sons age the coaches a volunteers not pros.
        Most of them mean well but they are not as knowledgable as the coaches in high schools.
        Let your son develope his skills and have fun.
        Nothing anyone does in pop warner matters.
        If your son looks to be a serious player when he is headed for high school check the program at his school and see if it is putting kids in college.
        In the mean time relax and have fun. I wish someone would have told me this twenty years ago.


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