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Ranking The Quarterbacks

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  • Ranking The Quarterbacks

    Prior to the start of the season someone created a thread where we ranked the quarterbacks around the NFL and many were surprised about how some of the posters felt about certain quarterbacks. I know I took some heat because I ranked a bunch of "questionable" quarterbacks above Tannehill. Well, after you've seen 9 weeks of NFL football, with Tannehill playing in 8 weeks of his 5th season, how do you NOW think he ranks amongst the rest of the league.

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Drew Brees
    4. Cam Newton
    5. Philip Rivers
    6. Ben Rothlisberger
    7. Andy Dalton
    8. Matt Ryan
    9. Carson Palmer
    10. Peyton Manning
    11. Russell Wilson
    12. Andrew Luck
    13. Derek Carr
    14. Tony Romo
    15. Marcus Mariota
    16. Tyrod Taylor
    17. Blake Bortles
    18. Eli Manning
    19. Joe Flacco
    20. Teddy Bridgewater
    21. Josh Mccown
    22. Ryan Fitxpatrick
    23. Jameis Winston
    24. Alex Smith
    25. Ryan Tannehill
    26. Sam Bradford

    How would you rank the top 25-32 quarterbacks ?
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    Hard to argue where he ranks right now. He and the team are not having a good year. I think he is better than he is playing, but as I have said he's not a top tier QB. Honestly I think once you get past Ben they are all about the same. I do think Carr, Winston and Mariota do have a chance to be elite out of those next guys. I don't think anyone is playing on the level of Brady and Newton right now though.


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      Everyone including Bradford on this list is airing it out deep and connecting except for Ryan Tannehill... Every facet of the Dolphins needs to be consistently on their A game in order for Ryan Tannehill to be successful.. That's not going to happen because we can not put together a Oline, RB's, ST's or a Defense. MT adds Suh for 114Million and the Bills run over 200 yds on us Sunday... That's not RT's fault but he can not get us out of any hole.....period...
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