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    As Metallica would say "SAD BUT TRUE!!!" I think it's HIGH TIME (Speaking of HIGH TIMES, this team makes me wish i was still a freakin' stoner, b/c i'm pretty sure it'd be the only way i could still experience high times while watching this sorry excuse of a professional football team!) we ALL took off our Aqua & Orange Beer Goggles, were honest with ourselves and admitted that there's nothing here to build on; there are no morale victories, no silver linings, no bright-sides, no miracle endings and i'm pretty sure that the light we all thought we saw at the end of this dark, dreary tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train afterall..Oncoming train meet the trainwreck known as the MIAMI DOLPHINS, how appropriate! We flat-out SUCK!!! Worse than that, it's not like there's a realistic reason to believe that we'll be any better in the next half a decade or more, why would we??..We continue to make the same mistakes over & over & over again, WE NEVER LEARN & FOR WHATEVER REASON, WE NEVER GET BETTER!!!

    Face it, somewhere along the line this once proud organization has become the poster-child of ineptitude & is now really no more than one of the laughingstocks of the NFL, i mean, does anyone here still believe that other teams, their fans, NFL media types & anyone who knows anything at all about football takes this franchise seriously??!!! Halfway through the season and for all intents & purposes we're D-O-N-E!!!, but what's worse is that we are a joke with no real hope on the horizon...

    Not sure what the answer is, because i think the problem starts at the top with our clueless bumbling owner & trickles on down through the whole franchise like a freakin' disease..We have a rag-tag Front Office that's run like a bad Albert & Costello skit, "Who's on first?, what's on second?, who reports to whom?, what's your job entail?, who the hell knows???"

    We have absolutely no clue which direction we're gonna take in regards to a coaching staff, but what difference will it make when we'll continue to do it in half-measures..We'll continue to think we have our answer at QB when it's obvious as hell that our QB will NEVER be any better than mediocre...We'll continue to work on building an OLine for another two or three decades, gotta admire the patience & commitment!, we'll continue to draft players in the first few rounds who can't even get on the field, or ones that for whatever reason play, when they have no right to be anywhere near an NFL field...Also, our best players are now old, injured & shot, and we've all seen what the 'next up' guys look like...

    So, not meaning to piss on anybody's parade, deflate any hope that's still out there..but IMO this is probably the worst this franchise has ever looked..Depressing times my friends, DEPRESSING TIMES!!!

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    For me the most depressing thought about the Miami Dolphins franchise, the same franchise that we all know and love and have done so for most of our lives, is the owner, Stephen Ross.

    When you realize the season is over you start to look at next season and how they can improve the team as a whole so that they can not only compete, but possibly make a playoff push. There really isn't anything to hope for in regards to the Miami Dolphins. As DP mentioned, it all starts at the top. As long as Ross is the owner of the Dolphins I will continue to have little to no hope that the Miami Dolphins will ever see another Super Bowl and quite possibly never make it to the playoffs again. Why? It's because he is the owner and he still gets way too involved in football decisions, even though he knows next to nothing about the game of football.

    Unless Ross sells this team or FINALLY realizes that he needs to stay out of ALL football decisions, and I do mean ALL of them, this team will continue on it's mediocre course. If he continues to be the owner, which he will, he also needs to understand that he can't do things half-assed. He needs to FINALLY clean house! He can't just fire the head coach, again, and let everyone else keep their jobs. He needs to fire everybody, including Tannebaum, and just start fresh. Also, he needs to get Parcells out of his ear!! Ross should NOT be making football decisions so there is no need to have Parcells give him advice of any kind.

    So, if Ross allows Tannenbaum to stay with the Dolphins that will be mistake number one. If he allows Tannenbaum to hire one of "his guys" that will be mistake number two, one that could cost Ross thousands, possibly millions, because fans of the MIAMI DOLPHINS do not want to support the Miami Jets, period. If Ross regrets not buying the Jets and wants to turn the Dolphins into Miami's version of the Jets then this team has no hope at all.

    Bottom line is that Ross either needs to sell this team or cut all ties with his New York buddies and allow a REAL, experienced NFL caliber coach to come in and hire his own coaching staff and general manager that will help him hand pick the players he wants, not players to boost the massive ego of the current idiot in charge.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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    Starts and ends with Ross. He keeps trying to make this team the Jets and bringing in all his NY cronies. We are fooked until he sells the team...


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      For the first time I'm starting to agree with Ross having to sell and we go in with the help and wipe clean all fingerprints.
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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        I would feel better about blowing this up and starting over if Tannenbaum were not a very apparent in what Ross is about to do. This is a very dysfunctional team from top to bottom and have my doubts on how many top prospect in the FO and coaching will have interest in coming here.


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