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Should we draft a QB next year?

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  • Should we draft a QB next year?

    I know we have a lot of other needs particularly on the o-line and defense but I am done with Tannehill. He puts up decent stats and he can look good for awhile but he is still the same QB he was as a rookie. He does not produce winning plays. I really don't think we are going anywhere with him. So if it was up to you would you draft a QB next year and who? Here are some QB prospects who might be available.

    Round 1 -2

    Paxton Lynch - Jared Goff - Connor Cook

    Round 2 -3

    Jacoby Brissett - Cardele Jones - Christian Hackenberg - Carson Wentz

    Round 3 - 4

    Kevin Hogan - Gunner Kiel

    Round 4 -5

    Patrick Towles - Cody Kessler

    Round 5 - 6

    Dak Prescott - Josh Dobbs - Jacob Coker

    If it were up to me I would draft Jacoby Brissett in the 2nd round or Cody Kessler in the 5th round.
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    Why not. If anything the competition is good for all! 2nd rounder or a 3rd! Anything past that is rubbish!
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      Yes. We need a back-up/project QB regardless of RT. I don't have a WHO at this time as I'm working more on possible FAs first.


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        Of course we should.....We need a franchise QB that can put it on his shoulders and win... A QB not a WR.....


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          The Dolphins are one of the only teams in the league that doesn't have a true backup quarterback, one who can actually threaten to take over the starting job if given the chance. It's almost as if the coaching staff is afraid to bring one in because that player would unseat their #1 pick. Tannehill is NOT a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins are stuck with TanneHenne one more season but that does NOT mean he has to start and waste another season for Dolphins fans and players. It's time to move on from the TanneHenne experiment.
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            I would not draft one early. Tannehill will be here next year as if they want to get out of his contract it's not until after the 2016 season where they really can. I really like Jake Coker as a late round pick to develop. Not because he was a FSU but because I think he has a solid skill set with an NFL arm. He will need a year or two to develop, but I think he will be a good QB in the NFL.

            I wouldn't say Tannehill is not a franchise QB as I think you can with with him, I just don't think you can consistently win because of him. He is not and will never be an elite QB, but that doesn't mean he can be a solid starting QB in the NFL...he already is that, but we must temper expectations, and more so the people running Miami needs to understand that. I understand the NFL is a QB driven league, but you do not have to have an elite QB to win. Russell Wilson is not an elite QB. Wilson fits well in what Seattle does, but he is not good enough to put the team on his shoulders and win, he must have the supporting cast around him to be successful and Pete Carroll and his staff understands that. The Miami Dolphins as an organization does not understand this of Tannehill.

            Miami needs a coach that understand this and knows they must put him under center and have a strong running game. If Tannehill is throwing the ball more than 30 times a game, it wont be good for Miami more times than not. If Miami can run the ball, stick with the run and keep Tannehill in that 23-28 passes a game then they can win. Tannehill needs to be looked at as a game manager. I have compared him to Alex Smith and Andy Dalton for a few years, and I still do.

            I still think Mike Shanahan has the fire to coach...hell he still is coaching right now and I think he would love to come back and coach the guy he wanted to draft instead of RG3 and shove it in Snyder's face. Tannehill has a perfect skill set for his system. I think it would be a very good fit...get it done!!!


            • cuchulainn
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              Good post. If we took Coker as a late round pick does that we mean we get all the Annoying as Hell 'Bama fans too? lol...

            • HndRkyaBong34
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              I like Coker as well... He would be a nice mid-rounder..

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            Agree with Shane and yes, I'd draft a Prescott or Coker in the 5th - 7th rounds and bring in a few UDFAs as well.

            Seems like every loss, there is a new "Tannehill must go" thread. Was he the reason we lost yesterday? No, but there's no thread calling for Grimes to be cut, Fox to be cut, ST coaches to be fired, etc...

            Ryan Tannehill is not elite. He most probably will never be elite. That said, you continue to build the team around him for another season or two.

            To recap:

            1 - He had limited college starts and his QB Coach is a guy who has no business coaching QBs in the NFL. He' really needs someone like Tom Clements or Hue Jackson to work with him.

            2- As a rookie, his receivers were Hartline and Davone Bess in a season he wasn't even supposed to start, much less start and play every game.

            3- His 2nd year OL was the worst in team history in pass-protection. He took an absolute beating and never once complained or pointed fingers elsewhere while improving his game.

            4- He's a tough SOB who has never been coached well, had good receivers, nor had an OL that could function at an NFL average level for an entire season.

            5- This season, ST has consistently put us in terrible starting position and the defense has put us behind early each game. He's been asked to pass an absolutely ridiculous number of times in the first half of the season while his dealing with the team abandoning the run, calling poor plays in various situations, more injuries/poor O-line play, and more shuffling of players.

            In short, Tannehill hasn't been dealt a clean deck since he's entered the league. Despite all, you can win with this kid if you continue to build around him and don't put it all on him. He makes some pretty poor decisions at times and his reads aren't always what you want, but that stuff is correctable. His pocket presence is his biggest weakness (when he has a pocket), but looking at what he's dealt with in regards to the OLine, why should anyone expect this to improve? He wasn't as experienced at QB coming into the NFL as Luck or Wilson to start with and he's dealt with awful O-line play 2 of his 3 first full seasons in the league.

            Fix the OL, or at least the OL depth, get him a QB coach that can really work with him. I don't think he's ever going to be elite, (top 3-5 QB), but a top 8-10 QB is pretty damned good and a damned site better than what we've had since the 90s.



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              Well, one thing the Dolphins have proven is that it's okay to draft a player in the 1st round and not have him play in his first season. They've almost made a habit of doing this, you know, like with Parker and Jordan. So, why not draft a quarterback early in 2016 no matter what? He can sit and learn behind Tannehill next year, meaning, learn what NOT to do.
              "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

              “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


              • ONole1
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       that's funny

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              We should probably draft a QB at least ever other year until we can find one that will take us to the promised land. Give the poor guy a chance to develop without the pressure of having to produce right away. I know that was the plan with Tannehill, but stuff happened. They should have continued to draft another to either push or replac Tannehill.
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                Maybe we should concentrate on drafting players that can hit and tackle.....

                Not sure how a QB would have tackled most of those running plays yesterday.....


                • cuchulainn
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                  Completely agree...

                • Tarpon Guide
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                  Or an O-Line that actually blocks. Might not need another QB if the get those.....

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