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Some questionable calls by the refs

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  • Some questionable calls by the refs

    Karlos William's TD run in the 2nd quarter should have been ruled a touchback since he was losing possession of the football before the ball crossed the goal line and he fumbled the ball out of the end zone. I don't understand why that was not overruled on replay.

    Right before halftime the refs kept the clock running after Lamar Miller ran out of bounds with about 15 seconds remaining int he first half. The clock should have been stopped. Then we compounded that with terrible clock management since we should have called our final timeout once we saw that the clock was still running. To go to halftime with zero points on that possession and a timeout still in our pocket was shameful.

    The refs should have ruled that Suh sacked Taylor in the 3rd quarter when he totally had him in his grasp. The fact that they just let him flip the ball out of bounds and just have it ruled an incomplete pass was absurd. Then we gave up the back breaking TD to Watkins on the next play which basically sealed our fate. If they ruled in the grasp it would have been 4th down and they would have had to punt.

    I am not saying the outcome would have been different but we clearly got hosed on some crucial plays in the game.

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    on the watkins td suh was held so blatantly and no call,suh almost lost it on the sidelines.
    on the ttyrod taylor play,suh says to the ref, i could have slammed him down and probably said and you would have given me a roughing call!!!!
    totally bad game changing refereeing,the refs helped buffalo win today and that is no bull!!!!!!!!!!


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      im pretty sure every big play the bills had should have been called for holding what pisses me off more is when they call the holds against us for some very questionable calls


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        wake should have had 3 times the holding calls called on people holding him!
        now they are going to do that with suh.
        I know they got fox for every hold,so what did they put blinders on when it came to suh??????


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