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Pure Speed ~ Dri Archer anyone??

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  • Pure Speed ~ Dri Archer anyone??

    Most may have noticed that the Dri Archer 'Slash' experiment (RB/WR/KR/Chief Cook & Bottlewasher) in Pittsburgh is over, as they elected to cut him in favor of signing the recently released Jacoby Jones. Archer, probably one of the fastest dudes in the league (4.26 40 at the Combine) is an interesting prospect at the very least...Wonder if we'd have any interest in him as a kick returner/RB, personally i'd cut Gray & give him a look...

    The decision of the Steelers to claim via waivers the target of Mike Tomlin's Thanksgiving night trip attempt from two years ago was the headline.

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    Yeah, I read that last night or this morning. Hard to imagine you can't find a spot for that kind of speed.
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      Problem with him is that he didn't excel and solidify himself at any 1 position. We have 2 speed guys as it is in Stills and Hazel and with Ajayi coming back, we're set at RB for now.


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        I'd just be worried that if Pitt couldn't work some plays into their O geared toward capitalizing on his speed (i mean look what they're able to do with guys like Brown, Wallace, Bryant etc.) what hope would we possibly have with maximizing his potential??


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