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Has Tannehill's Attitude Changed?

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  • Has Tannehill's Attitude Changed?

    I have watched Tannehill very closely since we drafted him four years ago, as have most here. After last season, I saw him on a number of network shows during the playoffs, and a number of interviews in mags etc. He became somewhat of a media focus with the looks, the hot wife, big contract, and projections of greatness by some. IMO, all that attention and money changed him, which is very understandable but, not for the better. He seems to be more of a politically correct guy now with scripted answers and every hair in place post game.

    Anyone else seeing some of the same?

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    Not really... I think all QBs get this same focus and in this era HAVE to be politically correct and choose their words carefully. Tony Romo, Brady, Luck, Ckap, Brees, Wilson, etc...

    Tannehill's never appeared to me to be comfortable speaking in public, but at least you don't have to worry about him saying something stupid. Not sure what supposedly has changed for the worst.

    IMO, finfans nitpick this kid to death cause he's not Marino and he's too nice to everyone.


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      I have been a big Tannehill supporter, but against the Pats he looked scared and confused in the 1st half. I don't care if he isn't Marino but show me you can get the O to follow you when the team is down. He has the option to run but has done it a lot less this year (scared) Take off and run and give up your body and the offense will respond ala Seattle's Wilson. These next two games will tell me if he' wants it or not. We are in the chase!!


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        When you lose you pick apart everything. Look at Sporano - Tony fist pump got so much crap about his raw raw style, then we go the complete opposite and it's queezy Joe, no emotions Joe, etc.. Then we hire raw raw guy again and everyone is happy. With Tannehill it's the same thing. No one would give two shits how he looked or acted in the huddle or sidelines if we were winning games. But we lose a game an he shows no emotion, he laughs and smiles on the sidelines so he must not care.

        At the end of the day it's all about winning. We love our coach no matter what demeanor when we win and hate our coach when we lose. We love our QB when we win and hate him when we lose. Not sure about the rest of you, but I watched Andrew Luck look like complete dog crap last night. Worse than any game Tannehill has played until the final 5 minutes when all of a sudden he made a few throws and got Indy back in the game.

        What sucks for Miami is NE! They do not let up, they don't seem to ever have a bad or down year. What other division can say that about any team? We'd be in first place in the AFC South. All these other divisions have teams that have a good year then come back to reality. We just happen to be stuck with the best team in the NFL for the past 15 years - we have to beat the best team over the past decade to make a name for ourselves. No other team in the NFL has that task except the Bills and the Jets and they've been as crappy in achieving it as we have..
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