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not to late for phins!

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  • not to late for phins!

    miami is still in the middle of the pack in AFC.
    there is 3 teams 7-0, pittsburgh is 4-4,jets and raiders are 4-3 ,miami and buffalo are 3-4 and every one else is below miami with an other half of the season to play.
    if dan can get the magic fired back up and win the next couple or more games puts miami right in the drivers seat.
    the afc wild cards are right there for the taking,can dan get this team in the position to do that is the question.
    but as of right now miami is right in the mix! that NE game should not put a damper on what miami can accomplish this season!
    got to stay positive and believe they can do it!

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    Yes, I say Campbell will motivate the team to Will themselves moving forward
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      We'll know by 4pm on Sunday... would love to kick the Hell out of the bills in the 2nd game. Devja vu of last year...


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        One game at a time.


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          As cuch said, we'll know by 4:00 or so this Sunday (Hell, we may know by 1:30 or so) If we come out with our asses on fire like we did against the Titans & Texans & jump all over Buffalo, we can still hold out hope heading into the 2nd half of the season..If however the same Philbinesque team shows up that sleepwalked through their game against the Pats, we are done...The question at that point becomes whether DC still has a chance to become our full-time HC, or maybe more importantly whether he should even be considered...


          • cuchulainn
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            Agreed... hoping we see they team that killed the Titans and Texans come out and pulverize the Bills. I think the entire season and Dan's future at HC comes down to this game.

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          Phinfan, I love you for your optimism and I admire you for your resilience. I wish I could go there with you. I will hold out hope this week against the Bills but the only way we alter this season to go in our favor is to go man to man on defense, surpass the Jets in number of blitzes we run per game and we run Jay Ajayi for the rest of the season like the Redskins ran John Riggins. The holes left unfilled on this roster (ones that we all saw but apparently our big shots didn't) pretty much left us at a point where we couldn't afford a single serious injury without suffering dire consequences. Losing our RT and only pass rusher, not to mention Delmas early on, finished off any real chances to contend for a playoff run. I think we should focus on getting tougher and more physical and getting young guys as much in game experience as possible.


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            It's not to late. If Miami can win this week that is. All will be lost if the Dolphins lose against the Jills which would put us at 0-4 in the East. Those are not playoff numbers. Those are Vaider starts full blown offseason numbers. Dantallica got burned by the Cheatriots pyrotechnics on the prime-time stage but the show must go on whether it's for one more week or 34 years.


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              I agree, this game is huge. If we win we would be 4-4 and right in the middle of the wildcard race and we have 5 of our last 8 games at home. Our remaining schedule is not that hard. I could see us getting one of those wildcard spots at 9-7 but we have to win this next game.


              • Wulf
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                And the Jet game in Week 12...

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