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Raiduhs Killed the Jesters. On to the Jills.

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  • Raiduhs Killed the Jesters. On to the Jills.

    We're still one game behind the Jesters as they got creamed by the Raiduhs 34-20. The Jills are next and this game will probably decide our fate or at least make it a lot easier or almost impossible. We're 0-3 in the East and going 0-4 would would put the kill shot to the head in Dantallicas awakened zombies. The Cheatriots are 7-0(throwing up) and we blew our first chance. We'll get another and hopefully it'll be more like the 85' Dolphins vs Bears game but we have to win this one first. The Jills are also coming off a bye so at least we got an extended week to prepare.
    New England 7 -0 -0 1.000
    New York Jets 4 -3 -0 .571
    Buffalo 3 -4 -0 .429
    Miami 3 -4 -0 .429

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    The only way we're going to win games is if Lazor sticks to the run game, RT can work outside of the pocket and learn to throw it away before he gets sacked. Zero penalties and create turnovers... If we can't do that we will lose.. There is no other way with the way this team stands right now....


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      Why rumning back is so importNt and I agree with Ricky when it comes to 1-2 round backs! Go find the next Peterson/Gurley!
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        We do get Jay Ajayi back this week who has been practicing the past few weeks so maybe he can do better than what Gray and Williams have done. I do agree that we can't get away from the running game as it has such a huge impact on WHO we have and what we can do with them. We bulldozed through two teams and got intimidated by the Cheatriots and Dantallica can't let intimidation be a factor especially in the trenches.


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          This is concerning.
          Omar Kelly@OmarKelly 54m54 minutes ago
          Dan Campbell voluntarily floated the idea of Dallas Thomas playing right tackle and Jamil Douglas playing left guard.

          Omar Kelly@OmarKelly 53m53 minutes ago
          It comes down to who is the 5th best O-lineman. Is it Jason Fox or Jamil Douglas, with Dallas Thomas back at right tackle?


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            They have to figure out something. If you stay with Albert and Fox you have two bookends that are injured often.


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              Amazing to see how much better the Raiders are when we continue the one step forward two steps back progression (er, regression?). The Raiders.?! Oh, the misery. The shame.


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                Can you say Front Office??????McKenzie has done a great job over in Oaktown.... Miami has not.....

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