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Blow It Up and Start Over?

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  • Blow It Up and Start Over?

    I do not base this opinion on the last few games but, over the last few years. Ross has been a huge detriment to our team and should sell. Not gonna happen. At worst he should just become a fan and start over. Nothing he has done has helped the team with his half assed moves starting with Harbaugh.

    He hires Philbin to go with Ireland. No match, and crippled Philbin in hiring a staff.

    He fires Ireland, keeps Philbin, and adds Hickey.

    He keeps Philbin but, he must fire the OC.

    Lazor agrees but, only with complete control of the O in his contract.

    He adds Tannenbaum who has more control than Hickey and Philbin combined. JMO

    He fires Philbin because he will not replace his DC.

    Now, we have Campbell and I do not see any way he can put together a good staff with the FO and lack of experience.

    All of the above have left us with a player core to build on of maybe a VG QB, a VG center, a VG slot receiver, maybe a VG RG, a VG safety?, VG OLB?, and Suh who will get $28M next year. That's taking us nowhere.

    It's time to stop the band aids, partial changes, and owner meddling and really start over for real. JMO

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    The proverbial broken record....


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      Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34 View Post
      The proverbial broken record....
      True story, and it will remain until we actually do it.


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        ross needs to keep campbell after this season ends,and tell dan that he can replace any one on his staff as a kind of start over,with who every he wants .
        Dan ,I think knows who he can keep and who needs to go player wise.
        let Dan build the team with players that he has had a voice in drafting with tannibaulm and hickey!
        I think dan has a good idea on the players that he can build off,know one can come in and do that better than dan IMHO!
        IMHO you don't need all this coaching experience if you know the game and have savvy smarts and have a good understanding in humanity,as in dealing and motivating people!
        the other thing is,YOU HAVE TO HAVE GREAT COORDINATORS!
        I like lazor ,but I think he fall short of my HAVE GREAT COORDINATORS statement, don't know about LOU !


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          Yes. But without me as a fan. Too old for this shit.
          "ESSE QUAM VIDERI"


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            I'll trust Tannenbaum more than my opinion Ross overrode Tannenbaums decision to go after Quinn and dump Philbin last year.
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              The only place I'd trust Tannenbaum is in the hiring of coaches. I don't know how we bring in a solid OC and DC while keeping Campbell in place but I'd be all for it. The 2015 draft knocked this season on its ass. CB, OG, MLB, S. Those were areas where rookies could not only step in and start but could help us win games and continue to fuel the fire of a winning attitude. Winning creates a winning attitude. We took what they thought were the best players available. However, we were already currently better than them at those positions. The holes stayed holes and the team remains lousy with a losing mentality. We don't have to blow anything up. By not restocking our team with solid talent through the draft each year and solidifying obvious weaknesses, we carry no consistency over to the next season. So essentially, we have been blown up because it's like a new team learning itself all over again, year after year after year.


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                I believed in everything in the main thread until I read "VG QB" and that is where it lost me. Tannehill in not good, he is mediocre at best and unless the Dolphins hire someone who can put together a #1 defense there is no way TanneHenne can take this team anywhere but to 8-8 or worse.
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                  "there is no way TanneHenne can take this team anywhere"

                  Tannehenne?? You been talking to Mitch?? That's his pet name for RT.
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