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    The main thing I'd like to see the Dolphins accomplish this year is to keep an ultra aggressive playing style and really let guys compete each game, each practice, each play for starting jobs. Now that Philbin and Coyle are gone and Lazor is being forced to scheme with more power and aggressiveness, it makes you wonder how many guys who were never given a shot, like Matthews, were really better players than the guys ahead of them but never got a shot because they didn't fit into the schemes being run that didn't even work. "He's too aggressive. I'm not sure about that nasty disposition he has on the field. That offensive Guard can run everybody over but he can't pull and miss his block like he's supposed to." Jamar Taylor is not a starting caliber NFL CB nor is Brice McCain. So let's let Tony Lippett and Bobby McCain get into the competition. Accept your past failures, stop beating dead horses and find answers. Dallas Thomas is not the answer at LG. So let's get Jamil Douglas back into the job he won in the first place and see if he shows improvement each week.. If he goes stale, let's keep looking. The future at QB is from behind Center. So let's really minimize that pistol set, which has become totally ineffective because Tannehill doesn't run anymore, and push Tannehill to get comfortable with play action pass. He IS NOT an athletic Quarterback. He has slow feet, no spacial awareness, can't multi-task in the pocket, can't throw on the move and lacks the courage to pull up, plant his feet and throw to an open receiver in the face of oncoming pursuit, instead still settling for his out of bounds throw away or his leaping, twisting jump pass. He's a robot. Everything has to go exactly as planned. So if we're going to keep him, we need better plans. Lazor and Tannehill together is a doomed combination. In the face of pressure, they both take turns being scared until they grind the offense to a halt. Together they are the occasional highlight reel game but more regularly an inconsistent mess. When the tough get going those turtles crawl up into their shells. Christion Jones exploded for a 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the preseason. Activate him one week and give him a chance to do it again. Isn't one kickoff return for a touchdown more important than a suited up 3rd TE that doesn't even take the field? Sheppard wreaks of mediocrity at MLB. Start activating some of our rookie MLBs each week and let them compete in live action. Is it really fair to evaluate them after playing in Kevin Coyle's unaggressive, uninspiring scheme where it appeared more important for the MLB to just go face mask to face mask with an offensive lineman than to beat the blocks, fill the hole and stick the running back? Is there talent on this team? Well let's see it. This team is not a serious contender. We may find a way to limp to a wild card if other team's failures keep us afloat but we are a certain one and done with a division game that will end in humiliation. This team was never ready for the 2015 season until we faced Tennessee and New England made it very clear how far we still have to go. Challenge every man. Let them compete. Get them on the field and get a real evaluation of what we have.


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