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  • USA TODAY: AFC East Prediction

    Patriots (11-5): Remember, they started 2-2 last year with Tom Brady (plus Darrelle Revis , Vince Wilfork and Shane Vereen ) in the lineup. Whether Brady plays out of the chute or not, rest of AFC East appeared to close on Pats this offseason.
    Bills (10-6): They just missed snapping 15-year playoff drought last year. Are Rex Ryan , LeSean McCoy and Percy Harvin — plus still-loaded defense — enough to get them back into January?
    Dolphins (10-6): They won't see a playoff team from last year until Week 8, and only two before December. Plenty of time for the Ryan Tannehill-led offense to crest and the Ndamukong Suh-led D to crystallize.
    Jets (7-9): Unless QB Geno Smith does an about face, they still look like the division's weak link. But a defense revitalized by CB Darrelle Revis could be special under new coach Todd Bowles. Overall talent is vastly improved.

    Here is their entire NFL Prediction:

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    I see Miami going anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5. They really could start 6-0, but the second half of the season is going to be brutal. They really need to sweep Buffalo and NY then split with NE.


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      I'm not to sure about Buffalo. That defense will be good but their QB is still in question, McCoy is now having hamstring issues that seems pretty serious so I'm not sure if they are better then Miami at this point.


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        I think Buffalo is good...but not deep. A few injuries would devastate them. They do have, next to us, probably the best D Line in the game.


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          As far as the AFC East standings are concerned I feel that the Dolphins have a little bit of luck on their side. The Jets and the Bills do not have a good quarterback. Both teams look like mirror images of each other. They both have STRONG defenses that will keep them in games and more than likely win them a few as well. But, I do NOT see their quarterbacks winning them many games at all. I do NOT think the Bills will win 10 games with the QB's they have and I don't even think the Jets will win 7 with who they have playing QB either.

          Unfortunately, I do not think there is much of a difference between the Jets and Bills, and the Miami Dolphins. I think Tannehill is WAY better then any QB on their rosters, but I believe the problem in Miami is their offensive line and their coaching. I can't see this coaching staff getting these players pumped up to play a full 16 games. The Dolphins have only played two pre-season games and we are already seeing the injury bug plaguing the team in areas where they are weak. Yes, injuries do happen in football and are at an all-time high this season, but the Dolphins don't have enough depth at certain positions to afford any injuries. If Albert can play a full season and the players on the o-line that these coaches believe are starting caliber can stay healthy and play well, this team can go far, even make a playoff push. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening this season. I can see this offensive line falling apart early on which will lead to locker room issues and then a collapse again in December. My prediction is another mediocre season leaving the Dolphins with a 7-9 record. I hope I am completely wrong!
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            My AFC East prediction goes like this.

            Miami 11-5

            New England 10-6

            Buffalo 8-8

            NYJets 6-10


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              Did you really say if Geno Smith does an ABOUT FACE????? Tooooooo funny!


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