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  • Dolphins getting noticed

    Peter King is buying in and I've never felt like he was much of a Dolphins fan.
    Peter King takes a look at Miami's transformation under new head coach Dan Campbell. Sure, recent wins have come against the Titans and Texans, but the Dolphins are proving to be a tough team to play 
    Can we sign this guy?

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    Transformers! Robots in disguise.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      How do you not get noticed after scoring 41 point by halftime..... But as usual, the "so-called" Experts were talking about how terrible Houston played and not how the Dolphins made them look like a bad high school team...Meh!


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        King is just trying to protect his Pats by sending a public note not to under-estimate us. Surprised he didn't predict a beatdown so as to fire them up.


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          Pats fans review of the Fins:

          Simplified Defense Has Awakened Pass Rush: Through the first four weeks of the season, the Dolphins defense, specifically the defensive line slept walked through the games with little to show for the money spent there with only one sack.

          But new Miami defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo has simplified things, and the Dolphins have gone back to being an attacking, aggressive defense, something the players were screaming for. After notching just a single sack in their first four games, Miami has gotten ten in the last two. Cameron Wake had four sacks a week ago against Tennessee and added two more against Houston. Ndamukong Suh got his first two sacks of the season last week and chipped in with six tackles.

          Bill Belichick remarked in his Monday presser that the simplifying of things for the defense has helped the defense, specifically Suh. That has vaulted Miami’s defense from 30th at the time of the coaching change, all the way to 15th place now. They’ll be looking to tee off against Tom Brady on Thursday night against an offensive line that will still probably be missing two of its top three offensive tackles.


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            With a sack Thursday night Wake would take the NFL lead...just sayin


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              I picked wake to break the nfl record in sacks this year he has some catching up to do ,,,,, maybe 4-5 Thursday will get it rolling


              • cuchulainn
                cuchulainn commented
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                Indeed... good to see you again.

              • DOLPHINSIN2008
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                thanks buddy 60 hour work weeks are killing my dolphin chat time

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              Great to get some love again. That love is going to sky rocket if somehow, by miracle and grace of God we beat the Patriots.


              • FinFan in KC
                FinFan in KC commented
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                I don't believe a miracle is required. I think we matchup well against them and I think the vets on this team are tired of being the Pats picked on little brother. I think the Dolphins win.

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              Originally posted by Finatic View Post
              Great to get some love again. That love is going to sky rocket if somehow, by miracle and grace of God we beat the Patriots.
              If not for Brandon Marshall having Brandon Marshall moments (TD drops and penalties), the jets would have beaten them. I think we win this one. When we beat them to start last year, we were physical and out hustled them. I think we do it again.


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