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belecheat's game plan!!

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  • belecheat's game plan!!

    you know that belecheats main objective is going to be stop miami's run game.
    he knows that if you take that away,miami has to relie on the pass and that's what the offense was when philbin was here.
    belecheat has film of the new dolphins 2 games and can see what they are doing to make the run game go.
    campbell has to change things up just enough to disrupt belecheats GP.
    just being fired up will not win this game,a brilliant game plan and being fired up can win this game.
    miami on offense has to have long drives and they need to score TD's on most of their RZ trips.
    fast scoring like what happened in the texan game, means brady will be back on the field and that means your defense is also out there!
    the best defense against brady is a clock eat, scoring offense

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    Stop Miami from running the ball and make RT beat us...... We have to run the ball well to win.....


    • Driven_Phinsane!
      Driven_Phinsane! commented
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      yep! He's gonna stack the box & dare Tannehill to beat 'em! Tannehill needs to have the balls to make some throws down the field to keep them honest; don't allow them to dictate!

    • HndRkyaBong34
      HndRkyaBong34 commented
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      This has been the reason I scream Power back for the last 3 seasons... Well, More than that but, The only way we win is to get tis Run game going and consistent. Imagine Gurley and Miller. Blount and Miller. Hyde and Miller... Henry and Miller?????? We could deflate NE's DEfense by half time..

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    When a team decides to devote their practices and invest much of their practice on stopping the run the best antidote for that is to come out slinging the ball. When you come out throwing the ball down the field first, THAT will open up the run game. Lamar Miller doesn't get enough credit for his pass catching abilities out of the backfield. I say the Dolphins come out slinging and swinging and if the down field play doesn't develop then there is always the safety value dump-off to Miller for the first down. The Dolphins offense has a lot of weapons and IF Tannehill can continue to improve this week as much as he has the two previous weeks this might be the best game of the year to watch.


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      First play from scrimmage a 30+ toss to Stills should open up the D
      “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain


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        As long as we have Albert and Dion Sims, our blocking TE, back, the pass game will thrive.

        The Pats defense is mostly Hightower, Collins, and Ninkovich up front. Their secondary is nothing special. As bad as our defense was in the first 4 games, there isn't a whole lot of difference in yards allowed and points allowed between the Fins and Pats. Difference is our defense is dramatically better now in the past 2 games.


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          They will attack our LB's and get Lewis outside. Wake and Vernon do not seal the edge well. I look for Lewis to have a big part in the game as they will use Miami's new aggressive style against them.


          • DolphinsFreak
            DolphinsFreak commented
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            He is injured. He missed last weeks game and didn't participate in yesterday's practice. On a short week he may not even suit up.

          • ONole1
            ONole1 commented
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            He did participate in the walk through yesterday. I expect him to play.

            FOXBORO, Mass. — There were no surprise absences at the New England Patriots’ walk-through Tuesday. Defensive end Jabaal Sheard (ankle), offensive tackle Marcus Cannon (toe) and pass rusher Rufus Johnson (illness) weren’t spotted inside the Empower Field House. Running back Dion Lewis (abdomen), who didn’t play Sunday against the New York Jets, participated in the […]

          • Wulf
            Wulf commented
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            I expect to see them hitting us in the middle the way Tennessee did. The fact is that it's a chess match with Chucklebelly. I just hope we are ready for that aspect. And DON'T leave any playbooks lying around!

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          Some scouting notes:

          - Bellichick is again playing games with the injury report. He claims to only have 18 healthy players.

          - The Pats front 7 is very inconsistent. They have pass rushers but can't consistently stop runs up the gut without an 8th man in the box.

          - Jabaal Sheard may miss Thursday night. He added a strong edge defending presence as well as a ability to get to the QB. Hope he's out.

          - RB, Dion Lewis, has been a spark for the their offense and an upgrade over Vereen. He also might miss Thurs night.

          - Their Oline was always going to have a tough go this year with so many young guys, but now are are down to their 3rd LT. Even OV should be able to do something on his own against this OL.

          - Gronk is the most dominant TE in the game. Last time we beat them, Dion Jordan shadowed and did a good job against him. Not sure who will draw him this game. Maybe Jones.

          - Their DBs are not very good. Butler is probably their best. While he is not shutting down WRs, he is able to contain them until he gets help. Logan Ryan is also playing at an decent level.

          - If they follow what they did last year against the Lions, Suh will be doubled or tripled and the ball will be out extremely fast. That should open things up for others like Phillips, Mosely, Mitchell, etc...

          - Brady is the master of the short 3-5 yard passing game. Hope we play shallow/underneath to take away Brady's underneath targets and force him to wait an extra second for the pass rush to get him.

          - The pats have one of the best ST units in the game. We'll have to pay a lot of attention on ST.


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            pats are going down ! for the most part the dolphins play well against them and there is something different about this team the last few weeks, is it about the coaching changes ? or did the players just get tired of being losers ? 4 - 3 sure sounds good to me


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