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  • Tannehill climbing

    After a couple great games all of a sudden his standing among other NFL QB's has risen dramatically.

    QB Rating 91.7 rank 15th

    TD's 13 rank 7th

    Yards per game 271.3 rank 9th

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    Yep, never doubted him. I knew he had the potential to be elite.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


    • IMAWriter
      IMAWriter commented
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      Um, it helps when your run game is averaging over 200 yards per, and your attempts are cut in half. 18 in a row, 25 in 2 games? When did that EVER happen before Campbell, when he instantiated are REAL run game?
      C'mon guys, as ecstatic as I am at the results post Philbin, lets see what happens when the inevitable occurs...a team finding an answer to the Fins run game. I'm not asking for Tanny to be Brady, as that ain't ever gonna happen. I'd just like to see him find a way to make big plays to help make up the difference. In that way, the defense will HAVE to play back, and the run game can make progress. I suspect this may be the case against the Patsies Thursday night.

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    I don't know that Tannehill will ever be an ''elite'' (Top 3 to 5) QB in the NFL, but he is good enough to be Top 10 when he has solid pass protection. The problems from previous games were with Albert out, Dallas at LG, and Douglas at RG, we only had Pouncey and James as viable starters.

    You can win with 3 good linemen, but it's rare that you can win with only 2. Especially when you're not keeping extra blockers in to help protect the QB. Protect the QB and Tannehill is easily good enough to win games. This is regardless of the run game.

    Thursday night, I expect the Pats to load up to try to stop the run. I still expect our passing game to be a viable option regardless.


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      After his sad showing in London I really was fed up with him.. But after the last 2 games there's no doubt he can take us to the big show....


      • gulfcoast74
        gulfcoast74 commented
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        After the London game I think most of us were fed up with the whole team.

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      I'm not a Tannehill lover or hater but i think we need to keep this all in perspective..While it's great that Tanny has played pretty solidly the last two games, as has already been pointed out the running game has been monster which pretty much takes all of the pressure off Tannehill. We've also jumped out to big leads early and have had a pick-6 in each game, these are all things that make life for any QB a whole lot easier..Tannehill had a great game stat-wise against the Texans and while i want to give him all the credit he deserves (Lord knows how much i dog his ass when he sucks it up!) i also want to temper my enthusiasm in as much as his TD's were all made on great plays by his receivers (not sure a single pass traveled more than 10-15 yards) and he still took a couple of unnecessary sacks. Also, it took a perfect game for him to 'move up' to mediocre status (15th) which kind of shows how sucky he'd been up to that point...

      I'd love more than anything for RT to prove me wrong but i stand by my opinion that he will never be elite, but as i've said all along with an elite running game and an elite D (both of which we've gotten the past two games) he can be good enough to take us where we want to go!


      • HndRkyaBong34
        HndRkyaBong34 commented
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        100% Agree....

      • Dolfan1
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        I've said in the past he's a game manager and I still believe that.

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