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  • how do you beat NE!

    there is one way I've witnessed ,and that was when jason taylor played ,he got to brady and put a hurtn' on him and after that when taylor got close to brady ,brady would just shoot the ball to any receiver he saw and a lot of times the passes were of target. miami needs one of those guys up front to get to brady and make him feel it. oh by the way taylor put brady on the ground every time he got near him ,even if he didn't get to him with the ball in his hand,but not late hits,but on the line,but don't know if you can get way with that now. cam wake ,d. suh or anyone needs to put a hurtn' on brady !~

    the other way was the wild cat, a trick play. It took belecheat all game to figure it out and by that time the game was over!
    I don't know if dan can come up with something like that!

    another way is to take gronkowski and edelman away from brady. the jets did that at times and brady's other recievers dropped balls. If they can come up with a miracle and take those 2 targets away from brady,watch out NE!!!!

    belecheat is going to try to take landry and miller out of this game.the question is what coach will do a better job at eliminating the threats of the other team.
    belecheat is a master of that,can dan have enough of the FORCE(that he seems to have) and get the job done!!!

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    Blitz and pressure Brady, works every time it's tried.....


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      Oh yea, cover the TE


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        Hit Brady early and often, he isn't accurate when he starts feeling the pressure.
        While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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          Cambell has really lit a fire under these guys,if your New England ,the pressure is on you . Brady wants to play till hes 50, I HOPE WAKE hits him so hard he wishes he had quit last week.


          • cuchulainn
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            Welcome, VA... and Hell yes. ;-)

          • Driven_Phinsane!
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            I hope he gets hit so hard & so often that he wakes up feeling like he's FIFTY!!!!!

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          Its so hard to beat them because they can beat you in many ways especially in their house. I think the formula for the Dolphins to beat them on Thursday night will be for our D-line to be dominant and not allow them to run the ball. If they can run the ball effectively they are almost impossible to beat. Now they can still beat you by just throwing the ball as evidence yesterday they only ran the ball 9 times and still scored 30 points on an elite defense. So not only do we have to stop the run but we also have to put a lot of pressure on Brady. Hold them to FG's when they reach the red zone. I know they will score TD's but lets say they have 6 trips inside the 30 yard line. If we hold them to TD's on 2 of those 6 trips and FG's the other 4 times then thats 26 points. Thats a manageable amount of points for our offense to score. Speaking of our offense we have to run the ball effectively and Tannehill has to be efficient and we have to be at least even in the turnover margin and ideally if we win the turnover margin that would increase our odds of winning significantly. Also we have to score TD's more often than FG's when we reach the red zone. We are going to have to play like we have played the last two weeks just in order to give ourselves a chance to win.


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            You guys are right on, Brady doesn't like to get hit. Since his line is in shambles this year they are getting the ball out quickly, so our D line needs to get their hands up if they aren't getting there. Take away those quick hitters over the middle and up the seams. I would rather see a few of those too late hitting QB penalties for being overly aggressive than to just lay back and let Brady pick you apart. He lives for that crap!


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              Hit them ,early ,often ,late a couple of times but hit them.
              Sack the qb then go up in the stands and slap his parents around for birthing such an ugly bastard.
              But very early on they got to know they came to play we came to fight.


              • phinfanfrom70s
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                i like that,something campbell can use, they got to know they came to play,we come to fight! love that

              • Phinatic514
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                You nailed it! They came to play, we came to fight. That's exactly what I think Dan will tell them

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              Gotta be physical. Can't let the receivers get free releases off the line, and that includes Gronk. Gotta get pressure on Brady with the front four and hit him. Even if you don't sack him you gotta be hitting him. You can't blitz as he will carve you up. Must rush four, and drop seven into passing lanes.

              Also have to play a mistake free game and get a turn over or two. The Jets outplayed the Pats yesterday but made some costly mistakes.


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                the jets blitzed and left gronk and edleman uncovered, when you rush that many ,you have to get to the qb or the ball or TD. that's the rex ryan defense.
                you have to engage gronk in the play so to get the timing off between brady and him, that goes for everyone .If miami can be physical with the receivers off the line it could give wake that extra second to get to brady. I remember brady saying that he hated to play against jason taylor,that is what miami needs to do is, make brady dislike playing miami,because he knows what's coming, and that's a HURTING!!!!!!


                • cuchulainn
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                  Jets had to blitz as their front 4 couldn't get pressure. Despite being ranked at #1 in overall defense, jets do not have sacks and cannot bring pressure without blitzing.

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                This is a game where Tannehill has to show his worth. I expect the Pats to stop the run and make the Phins win by passing the ball. Tannehill putting the team on his back and willing a win will go a long ways toward making this team legit.


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                  Rush 4 especially up the middle blocking Cry bradys view and not allowing him to step up. Brady usually makes you pay for blitzing. Big game for the DT's and I think Suh will earn every bit and then some in this game. Last year the DE's were hitting Cry brady but couldn't quite get to him as the middle of the pocket wasn't collapsing fast enough. Every time Gronk get's on the field he needs to be hit and hit hard at the LOS ALL THE TIME and somebody needs to be on him AT ALL TIMES and NEVER, NEVER, EVER let Gronk have free range/release. This should be Jenkins and Jones job. Grimes can take out Edelman. Brice McCain should stay as the nickle taking on Amendola leaving Taylor on the outside with FS help.

                  Dantallica, "Lazor" and Lou better have a new set of signals and line calls for every quarter and two different game plans as Bellycheat will find out what they are someway(whistle hi/low) and a pressure gauge. I think Bellycheat will stack the box, blitz and play press forcing RT to make more longer throws to WRs that'll be one on one and they should feast.

                  Edit: Play a mistake free game. IMO the team with the fewest turnovers and penalties will win.
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                    How Do You Beat The Patriots ?

                    A. Scrap your playbook on both sides of the ball

                    B. Show Belichick things he has NOT seen before. If he has tape to watch, on either side of the ball, he will figure out a way to stop it.

                    C. Pressure Brady as often as you can. He does not do well under pressure and he absolutely hates being touched, it frustrates him more so then other quarterbacks.

                    D. Take Gronk out of the game! Watch tape on how the Patriots defend against tight ends and COPY IT! Watch how they defended against Jimmy Graham in the past. They beat the shit out of him off the line of scrimmage and take him off his route.

                    E. Practice how to defend those ILLEGAL f***ing pick plays that they live off of because will Amendolla, Edelman and now Lafell back, if Brady can't find Gronk he will dink and dunk the crap out of the Dolphins defense.
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                      While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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                        Easy! Knock Brady out! We win!


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