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  • Texans Second Half

    I know many here were concerned or unhappy about a let up in the second half. I was at the game and fact is they played the 2nd team defense almost the entire 2nd half, and Lamar Miller, Landry, and others played none or almost none. I heard Dantallica say he wanted to get rest to the starters because of the short week heading to New England. So it wasn't a let down, we made the concession so we could rest our starters.
    Personally, I don't like it. I think you keep your foot on their throats. one was injured and I am sure it was the right thing. I just wanted more.

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    Always the right choice to save the legs for the next game if the win is in the bag! Great foresight!
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      It didn't bother me. I think it was the right thing to do with a short week coming up. The Pats had to play all out until the end of their game so that could be beneficial to us on Thursday night. Sure we could have beaten the Texans by a larger margin but come Thursday night that won't do us any good.


      • HndRkyaBong34
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        It bothered me at first, but after thinking about the short week it was the smart thing to do... Hopefully it pays off on Thursday...

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      It bothered me not because the starters weren't in but because of the sloppy play. Stupid mistakes and penalties made it frustrating as these players are the next man up. We will not beat the Cheatriots if we can't play GREAT football for ALL 4 quarters regardless of who is in the game. This was a GREAT win and I've been concerned about the depth of this team before the season started but you can't play sloppy whoever is on the field.


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        Dan said in his post-game presser that they purposely rotated guys out on D in the 2nd half to help keep fresh legs since they play Thursday night.

        While I wasn't happy about giving up scores in the 2nd half, I was more than happy that we had no injuries to starters and that Dan had the foresight to focus on the big picture.

        I was more upset at the fumble and the penalties...


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          that makes sense then


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            I will admit I did start to get annoyed when it was obvious that the Dolphins were "letting up" but then when the camera went to the sidelines and I noticed starters standing there when they should be in the game I realized what Campbell was doing and I thought it was a brilliant move. Yes, the Dolphins starters could have put up 70 points on the Texans today but would that have been worth tiring out the starters for an important divisional game against the division leaders? I don't think so. The Patriots fought a tough battle against the Jets that went down to the wire. None of their starters got any rest whatsoever. So, this Thursday the Dolphins WILL BE the fresher team. Now Campbell has to pump into these young players brains is that BOTH teams on Thursday are undefeated! The Patriots have not lost a game this season and the Dolphins have NOT lost a game this season with Campbell as their head coach. I really, truly think one of the coaches should mention this, that they are undefeated too. Now that Coyle is gone they are undefeated and the defense is balling out there and playing like the team everyone in the summer thought they would play like. This should be a great game Thursday, I can't wait to watch the Dolphins pressure Brady all day long.
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            • Wulf
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              Yes! Dan's Dolphins are undefeated, as are the Cheatriots...
              Until Thursday!

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            After that once in a lifetime party like it's 1972 first half, that second half was about as boring and anticlimatic as you could get...BUT if it means we're the fresher team heading into this Thursday's game against the hated Pats, i'll take it every time!


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              Originally posted by Driven_Phinsane! View Post
              After that once in a lifetime party like it's 1972 first half, that second half was about as boring and anticlimatic as you could get...BUT if it means we're the fresher team heading into this Thursday's game against the hated Pats, i'll take it every time!
              Agreed... and another reason this was a smart thing to do was that it was getting actual game experience for the backups and younger guys, which should provide value to the team in the long run. Michael Thomas had a good game at FS. Bobby McCain broke up a TD in the EZ, but tweaked his knee in the game and is questionable against the Pats on the short week.


              • Driven_Phinsane!
                Driven_Phinsane! commented
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                I thought all in all Bobby Mac played a pretty solid first game (he looked like he was pumped) though he was easily beat on that TD to Washington...It's gonna suck if he can't play Thursday night..Either way i'm actually hoping we put Grimes on Edelmann, he's the one guy (well, other than Gronk of course) who could eat us alive...

              • cuchulainn
                cuchulainn commented
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                Yeah, Bobby giving up that last TD in the final minutes sucked, but it was meaningless. He's a smart kid, doubt he gets fooled or beat on that play again. Still, most of the starters were out at that point that there was no pressure on Hoyer.

                Grimes still isn't a 100%. No idea what we'll do against Edelmann. Taylor sucks. Since that Denver game injury last year, he hasn't looked good at all. Won't be surprised if we don't see Bowman out there on the perimeter some if Bowman is healthy and able to play.

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              There comes a time to play it right and not run up the score.
              We had the game won no point in getting someone hurt.
              The Texans should have done the same thing.


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