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If you want to look at the WC race

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  • If you want to look at the WC race

    Today was a very good day for the Dolphins, not only beating the Texans for the first time ever but we also got a lot of help. As it stands now it looks like a 5 team race for 2 WC spots since those are the only teams in the AFC with at least 3 wins who don't lead a division.

    Jets 4-2 next game @ Oakland.

    Steelers 4-3 next game Cincinnati.

    Dolphins 3-3 next game @ NE.

    Raiders 3-3 next game NYJets.

    Bills 3-4 next game Miami.

    Obviously our 2 most important remaining games in the season are against the Bills and Jets. It will be very difficult to overcome being swept by one of them and pretty much impossible if we get swept by both of them.

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    We have the potential in the next two weeks to at least arrange a split with NE and finalize one with the Bills.
    We play the division in 3 of the next 6 games, and each one is crucial to our playoff chances, thanks to Failbin & Co


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      wow not sure if I ever seen a w/c post with 10 games to go lol


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        Been seeing alot of posts around the web about whether certain teams are "still in the hunt", and I'm like EVERY TEAM is still in the hunt! The WORST team in the AFC conference is only 4 games behind the top non div leader, and 3 behind the 2nd non-div-leader with over 2 months and ten games left to play...

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