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  • Tannehill vs Texans

    Since I have read that I am one of the top Tannehill critics on this forum I felt obligated to make this thread.

    WOW! What a game Tannehill had today against the Texans! A near perfect game! I have absolutely no notes, to criticism, etc. I don't have anything to say negatively about Tannehill for the first time on any game he has played in. He threw one bad pass the entire game and it wasn't that bad of a pass. He was moving his feet well, he was surveying the field well, he was just doing EVERYTHING well today. I am so impressed with his performance today I am at a loss for words.

    I do have ONE note to Head Coach Dan Campbell. Job well done, coach! BUT, you better COACH this entire TEAM to play FOUR QUARTERS of football on Thursday because if you think you can sit on any time of lead against the Patriots, you will lose, period. If the Dolphins sat on that lead against the Patriots the Dolphins would have lost that game. I was really hoping that the Dolphins were done playing 2- 2 1/2 quarters of football. Last week they played FOUR QUARTERS of football and I was really proud of them. This week, I am extremely proud of this Dolphins team. My only "complaint" is that I want the TEAM to play like they are behind until they hear that 4th quarter whistle blow.

    Another Positive Note - I am hoping that the Miami Dolphins starters got a nice rest for the upcoming game versus the Patriots. They should be fresh and ready to kick their butts this Thursday, while the Patriots got pretty beat up by the Jets and are probably going to be still recovering from that game.
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    Credit Zach Taylor👹👹👹
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      Tannehill played well. I thought he took some unnessecary sacks in the 2nd half. Today's game plan pkays to his strengths. He needs a strong running game so play action is an actual threat.

      So far so good. Lazor seems to be calling the right plays and players are getting a shit load of YAC. Here's to hoping they bring this swagger to NE. Also agree about not letting up. Too sloppy in the 2nd half, but sitting on a big lead usually leads to that kind of play.
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      • Dolfan1
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        Agreed on the sacks. That's the only knock I have on him today. He played great.

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      still don't like tannehills pocket presence. In the 1st half he looked good in the 2nd half he took some sacks where he just crumbled instead of moving,he is so mobile until and rusher is coming at him then he looks like a scared rabbit with lead feet!
      if he could use his mobility in the pocket he would make alot more happen in those games when he's being pressured.


      • Daytona Dolfan
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        It looked like he was trying to get a big play going on those sacks, which was driving me crazy. Play the damn game that got you 41 points ahead.

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      Mad props to you DF for manning up on this topic. Much respect to you my friend.
      I thought Tannehll was awesome. Took a few sacks he didn't have to.


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        Omar Kelly@OmarKelly 4h4 hours ago
        #Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill just broke the record for most NFL receptions,going 25-for-25, which goes back to last week's win over Titans.

        Omar Kelly@OmarKelly 3h3 hours ago
        Ryan Tannehill's day is done. He was 18-for-19 for 282 yards and threw four touchdowns. His passer rating is a PERFECT 158.3.

        Omar Kelly@OmarKelly 3h3 hours ago
        "That's what happens when u get the ball to your playmakers and they do something with it. I didn't do much" Tannehill on his perfect rating


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          Although it pisses me off that we let off the throttle on this big "DIESEL"(for you D1) of a team I'm not going into pissed off mode as we do have a short week with the Cheatriots in prime-time where I think a cinder block will be placed nicely on the pedal.


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            As most know I am NOT a numbers guy. I could care less about Tannehill's stats, what records he may have broken, etc. It means absolutely nothing to me. What does matter to me is the way he plays the game of football and he played an extremely good game today! Was it perfect? No. Was it great? I thought so. Yeah, he allowed himself to get sacked a few times, which doesn't make the o-line look good, but THAT can be improved on and coached pretty easily. What isn't easy is trying to coach him to do the other stuff which he has improved on and he seems to have improved by leaps and bounds in the past couple weeks. He is throwing the football with ARC!!!!!!!! He hit Parker on a beautiful pass down the sideline that got called back because of a penalty but the pass had ARC on it and was thrown perfectly!

            I am NOT impressed with the completion record. I think most QB's can beat that record if they threw 28 straight passes that were under 12 yards. Tannehill was 18 of 19 and in his defense he should have been perfect. Sims (I think) should have caught that one incomplete but decided to TRY and make a one-handed catch. That's on him not Tannehill.
            "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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              Let's hope Tannehill can have a repeat performance on Thursday Night for 4 quarters of play. The front four need to get to Brady often because we need all the help we can get in the passing game with Gronk, Eddleman, Amendola and with LaFell coming back.
              "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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                3-3 is not exactly what we were all hoping for but this moment is. We are heading into New England for a prime-time game firing on all cylinders including the most important position of all, Quarterback. This game is an even match-up. It's a matter of who wants it the most; who will impose their will upon whom. And most importantly, which man behind Center most wants victory. This game more than any other is the game that can turn the tide for Ryan Tannehill and redirect his career toward greatness and this team towards the ultimate prize. He has to win the moments. He has to be fearless. He must attack, especially when the Pats try to force the opposite. This game is THE MOMENT for Ryan Tannehill. This is his opportunity to elevate his status and this team to a new level. He wins us this game and we will roll.


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