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NFL owners plans for an 18 game schedule

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  • NFL owners plans for an 18 game schedule

    Their new plans for an 18 game schedule are that every player will only get to play in 16 regular season games. The players have complained that an 18 game schedule is too dangerous. This would have to require expanded rosters. Teams would have to strategize when to rest players although most players get banged up at some point during the season anyway so players could easily miss 2 games in an 18 game schedule. The big issue would be with QB's. What if you have a big late season game and you haven't rested your QB yet? Although I wonder if an exemption will be made to the 16 game rule for QB's.

    I would imagine the players would want concessions if they agree to this like reducing the preseason to 2 games and no more Thursday games or require teams that play on Thursday to have a bye week prior to their Thursday game. This might be achieved by adding an additional bye week making it a 20 week regular season. This would put the Superbowl into late February.

    I think 16 games is the right number of regular season games and I would not expand the regular season. What I would do is reduce the preseason to 3 games, add an additional bye week so teams have a mini bye week before and after their Thursday games making it an 18 week regular season. I would also add an additional wildcard team in each conference so there would be 3 playoff games on Saturday and Sunday on wildcard weekend. The #1 seeds in each conference would then be the only teams to get a first round bye. That would also keep more teams seasons alive later into the season since there would be an additional wildcard spot available in each conference. Going to an 18 game schedule would just make for more meaningless late season games.
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    I like your plan FTL


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      Agree with FTL...keep the 16 game schedule. I posted a somewhat similar proposal a couple years ago. My premise is based on the fact the most sport in America has the longest off season. WHY? Shouldn't take these guys 3 months to recover. I'm modifying my plan slightly here. 2 bye weeks, but still 16 games, 3 preseason games, and a shorter off season. The draft March 1, and minicamps Ap 1, full camp begins May 1, 1st preseason game mid June. Regular season starts 1st week of July. Great for the Dolphins, Jax, and TB. Steam bath games. Of course, the NFL would start the Fins off with 3 road games.
      I think the NFL has made a secret deal with MLB not to interfere till at least a few weeks past the MLB all star game. Off season WAY too long. I don;t thinknit would affect popularity to get things going earlier.


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        Ima, I would like to see the season added in January and February rather than in the hot months. The players wear extra padding, gear and seems like it would be an added burden to play in the summer. Football is a cold weather sport. Plus there is less going on in sports in Jan and February than there is in July and August.

      • IMAWriter
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        But inclement weather favors the northern teams...even those with indoor stadiums. I was trying to skew this towards soutthern clime franchises!! (if you catch my drift) haha

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      FTL said "Their new plans for an 18 game schedule are that every player will only get to play in 16 regular season games."
      This smells of Las Vegas...a great way to manipulate betting odds...corrupt the system...bribe players to fake injuries..and maybe worse, rob ticket holding fans from seeing Tom Brady, etc when they paid full price to SEE TOM BRADY. The NBA has had serious issues with teams "resting" stars 8-10 games during the regular season. Fans pay $200 to see LeBron, who is sitting it's decision.


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        Play 18 games half the games every week so teams can have 2 weeks per game and stretch the season to 9 months.
        The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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          Not seeing the NFLPA (union) going for this. At least, not without an expanded roster and at least, not without a 10% across the board raise for all players with an added salary cap. This could take some time to work out, if ever.


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            18 games is not for the fans, it’s for the the corporate sponsors and additional advertising. This is about money period.. If they decide on 18 Games you’ll have to add more players to the roster because of injuries, contracts will increase, competition will decrease and the Dolphins are a perfect example when injuries accrue your chances of success are limited.. stick to the 16 games and restructure for better competition as FTL pointed out..


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              I like the <idea> of an 18 game season cause we get more football

              But too many working parts

              Players greed will come into play, more games, more money will be demanded

              Maybe try and use the18 game season as leverage to get players to agree to attend more PRACTICES

              Since the NFLPA got the number of practices reduced we have seen an increase in injuries


              We we do not get to see real football until games 3-4 because many players are not in football shape yet


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                Just get rid of meaningless preseason. They can figure out who to cut in practice. Have 18 regular season games and no preseason.
                The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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                  An extra two games a year for us to lose?! Sign me up!!!


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                    Here's a thought. Go to 18 games, giving each team a bye. At the halfway point, give all NFC teams another bye, with all AFC teams playing division match ups. Next week the reverse.

                    Or, do the above twice a year, with all NFC teams getting the same bye, as well as all AFC teams. Let's say after week #8 and #16, giving playoff contenders a break before the final push.


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                      In 5 years this is how they'll be playing games....


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                        Originally posted by AquaXI View Post
                        Just get rid of meaningless preseason. They can figure out who to cut in practice. Have 18 regular season games and no preseason.
                        If we can get rid of the preseason and go to 18 games in a 20 week regular season then I would go for that.


                        • AquaXI
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                          I like your 2 bye week during the season. Great for recovery.

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