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Snow Plow Parents ?

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  • Snow Plow Parents ?

    Very interesting article. two of the people mentioned were tied as possible Fin picks Haskins and Gary. Tua is mentioned also. Wonder if they got passed over aka the Ted Ginn Family experience ?

    To me it's get a life parents!

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    I’m actually all for this why? Because if not the Parents capitalizing then it’s other agencies/Business/ scammers/opportunists that come out of the woodworks to capitalize on JRs Fame and Fortune. Best keep it in the family and garner these profits for your loved ones. Why not!
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      Smart business move if they really know what they are doing

      It appears they have taken the appropriate steps so far

      Some parents should stay as far as they can away from their kids and the business side of things

      I have read nightmare stories where the kids are being sued by their parents over this stuff

      Their child succeeds but they do not feel that they are getting enough money so they sue their own kid

      It works for some and others it is a bad idea


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        Levar Ball is maybe the most egregious example of interference, obsequiousness, and self through his sons. Yet, on the other hand by all accounts his boys are modest, good citizens and liked by least that what I've read. Good citizens. The #1 job of a parent is to raise good citizens, contributors to society, not sleaze balls like Johnny football and OJ Simpson. That said, marketing possibilities have expanded greatly due to social media, more companies competing for the athlete's endorsement, media growth. The almighty dollar is mightier than ever, and I suppose the parent says, why not US?? Especially as the college game offers the athletes offers a valuable "education", but NOTHING else as regards financial remuneration for their services (except in the SEC, of course...haha).


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          Snowplow parents?? I thought for sure I was gonna open up this thread and read something about the parents of some ass-wipe Boston convicted con & snowplow driver..You know the guy, the one called upon to clear the snow off the Foxborough field back in the 80's, so the Patsies kicker could beat us with a field goal that would prove to be the only points scored on the day. It's a game that can be pointed to as where the Patsies cheating legacy began!


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            I was thinking the same thing!!!!

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