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    Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year...

    Team happenings:

    - Adam Gase was "fired"... basically he told Ross that he didn't want to dump and rebuild or give up roster control and was out. It was reported that Gase wanted to be fired so he could get out of his contract, and was...
    - Ross has decided to stop stepping on his dick, dump Tannenbaum as VPO and no longer has Tbaum involved in Football Operations. Interesting...
    - Ross has now reversed himself and has put back into place the team structure that Parcells set up back before Ross bought the team.
    - GM Chris Grier will oversee all football operations now. Only he will report to Ross.
    - The new head coach will report to Grier.
    - Grier has built a list of names that will be interviewed for HC:

    - Vic Fangio - Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator
    - Kris Richard - Dallas Cowboys Def. Passing Game Coordinator/DBs Coach
    - Eric Bieniemy - Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator
    - Brian Flores - New England Patriots LBs Coach/Defensive Coordinator
    - Mike Munchak - Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Line Coach
    - Darren Rizzi - Miami Dolphins Special Teams Coach/Asst. Head Coach

    Personally, the only 2 guys I'm interested in are Vic Fangio and Kris Richard... the rest don't move the needle for me at all.

    Vic Fangio would be my preference. I wanted an older, experienced hire the last time (Shanny, Mike Smith, Doug Marrone), and still prefer that now. I could see Vic being hired and bringing in a guy like Greg Roman as OC. Build the defense this coming off-season, then the offense in 2020.

    Richard and Bieniemy are excellent coaches as well, but young and inexperienced and given what we just did with Gase, I'd prefer age, patience, and experience.


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    Of this list I'm only interested in Fangio


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      I’m also Fangio than Richard.


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        I like Richard, but it's interesting that after being the DC in Seattle for 3 seasons and having the #1 ranked Defense in the NFL, that he had a falling out with Carroll and was let go.

        Since then, the best he can do is get a goofy title like "Passing Game Coordinator"... weird.

        As a player, he was a DB that Saban traded for here back in 2005, so he does have a history with the Dolphins... that's a cool foot note.


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          Benjamin Allbright‏ @AllbrightNFL

          Head Coach guesses... 1. Packers - McDaniels 2. Bucs - Arians 3. Browns - McCarthy or in house 4. Broncos - Harbaugh, Munchak or Pagano 5. Dolphins - Fangio 6. Bengals - Hue or Vance 7. Jets- McCarthy or Gase 8. Cardinals - Gase

          Down for Vic as HC here... but wouldn't that be something if Gase ended up with the stej? lol...

          Personally, I think he'll want the Cards job the most, but the Lions fired their OC, Jim Bob, and Gase n Patricia are buddies.


          • IMAWriter
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            Rosen has been beaten to a pulp, and the coach was fired for not figuring how to stop that...with a horrible O-Line.
            A friend in 'zona (NOT an expert, just a fan) told me Rosen ended up with happy feet, seeing phantom rushers, basically the David Carr syndrome. I didn't particularly like Rosen's attitude, but I feel bad for him. No player should take that sort of punishment. Our warrior paid the price, though admittedly some of that was of his own doing. The LEAGUE would love Gase in NY, creating another Belicheat/Parcells thing, though, of course on a much lesser scale. I'd not be upset with a Fangio hire. I can imagine at his age, he lots of friends/assistants who would be willing to be on the staff. Especially as it might be a 3-4 year thing, and one of those guys, if the team is successful, might be promoted.

          • London Fish & Chips
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            Broncos are going to have to go to a lower level then what is on the list here. Elway wants control, that's why the Donks couldn't get a major Coach to interview last year. Now maybe there's been a change of heart....but I haven't heard different.

            But there was some talk about Pagano as HC, then Kubiack as OC and player personnel. Not sure how that all works with Elway calling the shots....

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          Fangio and Bieniemy would be worth consideration, IMHO.
          The Pats defense has picked up,
          and what can we say about KC's offense?


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            We seem to always have bad timing with players and Coaches.
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              Originally posted by cuchulainn View Post
              Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year...

              Team happenings:

              - Adam Gase was "fired"... basically he told Ross that he didn't want to dump and rebuild or give up roster control and was out.

              Ross has denied that. Categorically.
              "It was reported that Gase wanted to be fired so he could get out of his contract, and was..."
              BY WHOM?
              I just heard La Canfora say some really moronic things regarding coaching changes, teams, etc. He put Gase in the top 3 most desirable, claiming Gase calls great plays, is the "whisperer", etc...all the BS that was hyped. Nothing about all the player issues he had, just the same crap. A phony. I do not believe any of these guys watched a Dolphin game. He says the Jets is a top 3 place to go. Then he's says Miami sucks, no O-line, no QB...yet the Jets have a worse O-Line, no RBs, and a QB who threw zillion INTs. he says it's all about the cap money. We'll see. OK, It's NY, and typical Northeast much against the city of Miami as the team. The secret no one will say...S Florida, a nice play to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Eff 'em.
              Tannehill, for all his faults beat Darnold twice, should have beaten the Colts, beat Brady. Should he start next year. NO, as there are just too many warts to remove. But don't tell me Sam Darnold is the savior. Not based on my viewing of USC games, and 4 Jets games.

              If I'm McCarthy, 80f in December is more appealing, at age 55, than Cleveland at -5 in December. I love Mayfield, but McCarthy will order...not request Baker not run unless necessary. Rodgers ran, and still runs, cause that's Rodgers. He's paid the price, missed games, injured, concussed. IMO, not a good match., the Browns and McCarthy (I'm in the minority there!). Probably won't matter, I think he signs there as the owner is as rich as Croesus.

              As to Munchak, if anyone here would research this stuff, as opposed to regurgitating so called experts crap, would know Munchak destroyed the Titans in his 3 years with 20th century football, same as Munchak played it. Yet again another O-Line coach prematurely elevated. The Dolphins have now done that twice, with Sparano and Queasy Joe, basically a glorified O-Line coach. Munchak also hired his Oilers/Texan buddies, several with ZERO NFL experience as an assistant. Hope Ross isn't intimidated by SIZE. Judging by Ross' actions since he purchased the Fins, my guess is Ross isn't familiar with size.

              At least Fangio has experience...BOY does he ever. Which leads to the question...WHY has he not been hired as a HC. That question MUST be asked by Steve ROSS.
              "Why haven't you wanted to lead a team? Or have you not ever applied for the job?" 60 years old seems a bit long of tooth for an Intern HC.

              Steady Jim Caldwell is an interesting choice...just hire a great DC, and an OC that agrees in Caldwell was an excellent OC previously. Hiring a a play calling OC would be a MUST.
              Dallas' Passing game is secondary to their run game. If the Dolphins had Zeke Elliot I'd be OK with Richard. But like Gase who didn't have Peyton, and Philbin, who didn't have Rodgers, what's Richard going to do without a QB, with previously injured receivers, with a bad pass protecting O-Line..and , oh yeah, no Zeke? Our RBs are good, bu none are Zeke. Through no fault of his own, Richard would be a failure.

              Which is...tada why a saavy owner would hire Richard...well a dumb one like Russ might do so, not knowing why. You see, for the Dolphins to truly rise from the ashes of mediocrity, they need what Jimmy Johnson gave Dallas, a 1-13 season. (4-12 now). Dallas, in the Williams trade, gets Aikman, and a raft of stars. Richard would prolly be lucky to win 5 games. The Dolphins move up, get a QB, and some good players.....but UH OH...
              Grier again.
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                Of this list Fangio is the only one that really perks any interest. While he's never been a HC (which I would really like to have a "retread") he does have experience and I believe could/would put together a good experienced staff. He brings a tough hard nosed attitude which is well overdue in Miami.

                Rizzi does intrigue me, but I just think you need a clean sweep.

                I like what Richard has done, but not experienced enough for me.


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                  I do not have a horse in this race. Not a fan of any of them.


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                    What about bruce arians - i loved his O...and he could bring Chuck Pagano to be our DC?


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                    Originally posted by Bahamas View Post
                    What about bruce arians - i loved his O...and he could bring Chuck Pagano to be our DC?
                    IMO Bruce Arians is more about promoting Bruce Arians. He's also 66 years old and this is a complete rebuild. I don't see it happening.

                    While I want and experienced HC I actually see another 1st time HC just because this will be a long term rebuild. I could see Richards or Rizzi as the top two in this type of situation. I was listening to Darlington on the Joe Rose show this morning and while we are fan this is not the best situation for a new HC. You don't have a franchise QB, you don't have a very talented roster, and you have CAP issues.

                    It's going to take a grinder and patience. So while Ross's comments abut Gase wants to win now sound awkward, it's the truth. Miami is not in win now mode anymore. The HC will always try to win games, but building a roster and changing the landscape is more important for the team right now.


                    • So Be
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                      As this develops, thinking Rizzi may be the right answer on a prove it deal.

                      Also, there is no cap issue whatsoever. Miami is in great shape.

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                    I don't see the name Greg Williams on this list. He has to be considered.


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                      A HUGE question is gonna be not only the HC BUT, who he will attract at DC, OC, etc.

                      We have seen the movie many times when no high quality coaches are going to follow the HC because of him or the team. And, as far as I know, Grier has few connections, and can be of little help.


                      • IMAWriter
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                        Spot on. I shake my head sadly reading that Grier's contemporaries see him as accomplished, good at his job...basically, the same guys that laughed at how they fleeced the Fins, Grier and Tannenbaum. They are most happy to see the hapless Grier in the drivers seat in Miami...especially during the draft and FA period. Grier is an all too eager buyer of POTENTIAL, in a game that relies on PERFORMANCE. For every good pick there is a half dozen stinkers. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, as I am a generous sort. No Tannenbaum, Ireland, nor anyone else other than most likely a low on the totem poll 1st time coach to deal with. If Grier freezes draft night, makes head-shakingly bad draft moves, well then....
                        Some people were just not built for Prime Time.

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                      Solution: pick another team to back for 2 years. If the Fins are rockin’ it in 2021 jump on the train, ala Pats “fans.” Haha


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