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  • Complete team victory

    That was as impressive of a Dolphins win I have seen in a long time. We rushed for 180 yards and we didn't abandon the run we stuck with it. The defense was amazing stuffing the run and sacking their QB's 6 times. Cam Wake's 4 sacks, Reshad Jones's pick 6 and Brent Grimes's huge INT to change momentum. Even Tannehill had a good game. Yes he threw two picks but one was not really his fault. He looked much more confident than the previous four games. He even connected with Stills on a deep pass on a critical play early in the 4th quarter which was huge for us to regain control of the game.

    Its amazing what a new coach can bring to a team with some energy and enthusiasm. Now I want to see us repeat this performance next week and beat the stinking Texans once and for all. We owe them a good butt whooping.

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    Tannehill himself said team takes on the persona of the Coach!
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      I thought so as well. Even Dallas Thomas played better. He still had handful of terrible plays, including the sack on Tannehill, but overall, this was the best the OL has played all season and it was reflected in the offense's output. Albert and Turner were definite upgrades over Fox and Douglas.

      We even used Mitchell as a FB a couple of times. Tannehill was effective running the ball as well and had the defense spying him, which helped open things up for others, even on Landry's TD, the LB bit on Tannehill's PA fake on the end around.

      Still, next draft, we need a LB, FS, and CB. I've seen enough of Sheppard, Aikens, Thomas, Brice McCain, and Jamar Taylor starting games.


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        Gotta give some love to Lazor for going with the Chip Kelly O today... Heavy Run game and RT getting everyone involved.. The D kicked ASS! I hope this continues the rest of the season.. Great game!!!! Go Dolphins!!!!


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          Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34
          Gotta give some love to Lazor for going with the Chip Kelly O today... Heavy Run game and RT getting everyone involved.. The D kicked ASS! I hope this continues the rest of the season.. Great game!!!! Go Dolphins!!!!
          Play calling was a lot more aggressive today. Makes me wonder how tight Philbin had Lazor's hands tied?
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          • HndRkyaBong34
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            Agreed, Philbin is a control freak and it obviously hurt the team... Cam Wake unleashed and what can I say about Miller, Best game yet...Great win!

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          It's always been my opinion that Philbin handicapped Lazor and Tannehill both. After seeing what we did to the Raiders last season when Philbin was out, this was expected - especially as we got healthy over the BYE. I predicted a 33 point outting for us and am ecstatic we surpassed that.


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            I'm wondering what Coyle was thinking as he watched the game. You know he was watching, hoping the team failed especially on the defensive side of the ball. They went from no sacks in 4 games to what, 5 sacks in one game? Yeah, it's safe to say Coyle was a huge problem for this defense. I'm not convinced yet that Lazor's hands were tied by Philbin, maybe he finally realized that his job was on the line and decided he better open up the offense or he was next? My only critique is that I wish the creativeness would continue for four quarters rather then just try some stuff out in the first quarter or two then stop. I was really impressed with how aggressive the team played. I was really impressed and shocked to be honest that the Dolphins offense actually kept playing aggressive late in the 4th quarter. I think there was about 2 minutes left when Cameron caught his first touchdown pass for the Dolphins. THAT drive would NOT have happened under previous regimes. I am not going to mention Philbin's name because I can't remember when the Dolphins played aggressively since Marino played. In recent years, since Marino played, once the Dolphins have gotten a small lead they would TRY and sit on that lead for the rest of the game, then they would eventually lose that game or have to try and regain the lead late in the game. That didn't happen yesterday, the Dolphins kept playing aggressively on both sides of the ball until the final whistle blew. I was really impressed!
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              I was quite shocked as well when we threw that last TD, I guess I was already in the old regimes mindset, wow...that was nice...

              There was that never quit attitude throughout the whole game....even when it looked as if the Titans were closing in, they came through on both sides of the ball when they needed to.....

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            The 1st down throw from our own 3 and that entire drive surprised me, as well as the late TD throw. No way do we do anything but run or a short dump off at that point under Philbin. I am causiously optimistic that this team may have found who they are under Campbell. Attack attack attack! Sounds a lot like the team we've been chasing for the past 20 years it seems. Now we need to see this level of intensity and effort week in and week out. Not just once after an emotional week and extra week of prep.
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              Play of the game IMO.

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