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2019 NFL Mock Draft

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  • 2019 NFL Mock Draft

    PFF's senior analyst takes his first shot at the 2019 draft. He has Miami picking DT Christian Wilkins with the #15 pick.

    Obviously, no one has a clue as to who will pick where but, this is a very real listing of which college players are going to be drafted in the first round.

    Time for a bit of forum analysis and targets.

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    If Haskin is there @#15 you take him..


    • AquaXI
      AquaXI commented
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      Yup! Love the kid.

    • cuchulainn
      cuchulainn commented
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      The very next OSU QB to become a starter in the NFL will be the first. He's a great athlete playing the position. Want no part of him as a project coming out of that senior offensive program at OSU. I'm skeptical of Tua for similar reasons. I remember when guys were clamoring for Cardale jones, JT Barrett, Terrell Pryor as the next biggest thing at QB.

    • IMAWriter
      IMAWriter commented
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      Tua will stay another year I think. Murray will play baseball. Why not? More money, easy on the body...if he somehow fails there, he'd be 25, 26, and would surely get a tryout with someone...and would have little pressure with like 20Million already in the bank.

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    I don't think Wilkins is there. If he plays well against Alabama in the Championship game, he's gone..not sure why, when LB/CB seems the way..anyhow, if UM's Gerald Willis is available, IMO he's got more upside. The Cane's offense was horrid, the dude was on the field 35+ minutes a game. Wilkins had a nearly exact equal on his other side. Willis had more tackles for loss than Wilkins as well. I'd be pleased with both. Gives you a VERY good bench with Taylor and Spence, Ziggy.
    Actually, I'm not so sure Taylor, if fully recovered doesn't give Godchaux a run for his money. After watching about 8 QBs play several games each, IMO none are as good as Tua and Kyler. Fromm is solid, sort of Andy Dalton-ish. OSU's Haskins can be a bit inconsistent, but is talented. I'd take a run at him if he was available late round 1...have to move up...not sure he is coming out. Not sold on Herbert, but he'll go early. Grier has talent, but not that "thing."


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      If I had to pick someone now with a middle of the pack pick, I would go with DB Deandre Baker.


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