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  • Who needs a QB?

    Have a starting option but ...

    Miami Dolphins: After 84 Ryan Tannehill starts, including 20 under Adam Gase, the Dolphins still don't seem to know what they have in the former top-10 pick. Miami's QB1, who'll be 31 years old before next season, is more likely than not to be on the roster next offseason because his $18.7 million base salary isn't that bad and it would be costly in terms of dead money to release or trade him. A renegotiation of his contract is also possible if Tannehill is willing.

    There are a lot of variables here, including who will be running the Dolphins' front office and coaching staff. No matter who's in charge, pairing Tannehill with a rookie quarterback is the path of least resistance.

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    I like a Tannehill 1st round QB combination. That said I wouldn’t reach for a QB in the position we will be at.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


    • IMAWriter
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      I think a later round QB, only because they MUST get a center/right guard, Kilgore is not the answer. Also a 2nd CB, LB, DE, as Harris is, to this point a bust. There are a couple guys I'd take 2nd round, but no one in the 1st. Don't believe all the ESPN hype. The only QBs I've seen this year worthy of a 1st rounder are unavailable...Tua and Murray. The UGA QB reminds me a bit of the Red Rifle, with a slightly stronger arm.

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    a solid run game which involves beefing up the OL makes tannehill likely to run this offense for a couple years while they groom a young qb with the qb whisperer. After 2 years then tannehill becomes the backup qb and that takes care of the qb position for a few years where they can build on other spots on the team that are needed. I really think tannehill ,if healthy,with a solid run game can run this offense no problem.Tannehill with pressure off his shoulders to perform perfectly under pressure to constantly come up with the big play to save the day could be successfull. he will never be able to the 4th quarter come back qb like Elway,Farve or some of the other qbs that came up big every week to win the game. Tannehill does some great stuff, but he doesn't do that consistantly, which is the the reason he is viewed as good and not so good!


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      Yes to focusing on building an elite interior offensive line. Yes on Tannehill holding down the QB position while grooming a new young QB as long as it's a NO on Gase moving forward. Force Tannehill to compete in new offense that runs the ball with purpose and attacks downfield through the air and see if he beats out an inexperienced rookie with better QB instincts and intangibles. I can't watch Adam Gase football (Bill Lazer part II) anymore. Take Peyton Manning out of the equation and the guru is no guru.


      • phinfanfrom70s
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        the thing I don't see(to your dislike) is Ross tossing Gase out. I think everthing stays as it is for at least ! more year at the minimum.

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      I'm with 70's & Aqua. Gase is staying and I'm not reaching for a QB.

      I cannot fire someone for living up to expectation or, exceeding them with the injuries Gase has been dealt. Give me a healthy Tannehill, Sitton & Kilgore blocking, and Wilson and Grant burning D's, all at the same time. IF we are not scoring points and kicking some ass on O, then I'm throwing Gase under a bus.

      Raiders and Giants are wanting a QB, and they have way more to offer to get the best. I do want one but, not reaching or, wasting a pick just because of the position he plays.


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