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Watch Jesse Davis work.... err get worked. SMH

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  • Watch Jesse Davis work.... err get worked. SMH

    Getting beat is one thing, but then letting his man go?? Surely he thought he was getting help from the center... right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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    personal problems,and at the same positions for years,OL.
    If these guys where protecting Brady in NE,belechich would not put up with these warm bodies filling out uniforms.
    you want to know the difference between NE and Miami, these guys would not make it on to any NE team, but here they are getting miami's QB creamed. they will be here till the end of the season. davis lets his man go as if the center is suppose to take him in some zone blocking call.
    but how it ends up is miami has 4 blockers on 2 rushers someone is uncovered in this set up! when is the O-line coach's going to teach these guys who to take in what situation or change the blocking scheme to one these guys can understand. let's try telling them if someone ingauges you block them and don't let them past you. this kind of blocking (non blocking) happens every game!


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      Where are those here that were touting Davis as the steal of the year? Unfortunately, some of my fine friends here think it's "not hip" to draft O-Line in the 1st round.
      Not always, but is usually a reason a guy like Asiata is thought of as 5th round worthy. I admit to not liking the 2 ND guys...Nelson and the other guy, who looked totally clueless against my Canes, and also a couple other ND games. Apparently though, the Colts knew the raw talent was there, and was coachable...with a good O-Line coach. That's why I writer songs for a living. I'd theorize both Tannenbaum and Grier would be better off in another profession as well.

      Yeah, we all (mostly) would like to see a new young QB for the Dolphins. But until this team can protect their QB, open holes consistently for their RBs, and defend the run...and jettison players like Davis, Brendel, Larsen, will be the same old same old. Depth players should be depth that is only slightly below the starters in quality play. On the Dolphins, that's not the case.

      My opinion of course, but last I looked no one here is coaching at ANY level above Pop Warner.


      • cuchulainn
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        Steal of the year? By all means, find that quote. I'd love to read it. Besides Davis has been here since 2016 and was, and is, better than Bushrod, who he replaced. He's played well most of this season. Dunno if the change in Center got his wires crossed or what, but that was a mental breakdown in the clip, nor a physical one.

      • IMAWriter
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        Yes, of THAT year...besides, I"M better than Bushrod. The Fins don't upgrade, they SIDEgrade.

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      a lot of people here where not in favor of parcells drafting jake long, but I was for it and wanted him to continue to build a, how I put it back then was the foundation not built on sand.
      parcells IMHO was trying to build a gaints team with lots of running going on and that is how I view how things should go in miami.
      Build a big bruiser OL and full backs,fast half backs and multifuntional TEs and bull your way to the superbowl. I hate this horizonal passing game Gase runs here. Gase is just rehashing an old offense made famous in this era by NE. Miami needs to come up with the next great thing in the NFL and IMHO it's a back to the grinding out run game, but again it's JMHO!

      the OL would be the hogs from washington, warfield and jerry rice as WRs ,csonka,jim kick and barry sanders, and mark bavaro as TE and tannehill could run this offense and thrive in it. the qb needs to make the occasional throw for a first and the bomb every so aften to keep the defense honest!LOL! sorry just an deprived miami fan thinking of the glory days!!!!!!!


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