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Some strongly believe Sean Payton will be in Miami next year

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  • Some strongly believe Sean Payton will be in Miami next year

    From Dolphin Hater Mike Florio...

    Sean Payton is right; the annual reports that he’s leaving New Orleans eventually will be right. In response to the latest round of reports that Payton may be leaving the Saints, Payton has said he wants to stay put in the place he has called home since 2006.That won’t keep people in the league from [more]

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    FWIW... was talking to a Saints fan yesterday while I'm up here in Philly this week. He said Payton has been rumored to leave every year the past 4 years or so. Believe it when you see it.

    Again, this is interesting to me given Sean Peyton's strong ties to Parcells, Ireland, and also Dan Campbell. While the move makes sense and Peyton has a pedigree, would he step on Campbell or even want the job IF it's offered to him?

    Another WC in this is TBaum... Making such a move goes against his history and Ross is no longer calling the shots going forward, so we shouldn't see "ears" flying all over the country wooing who's hot or chasing jocks to sniff ala Dan Snyder.



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      Payton is not on my short list. He and Brees were a perfect match, but I am not sure RT is a QB to throw the ball 40 times a game, and that has been what's happened in NO. The only time ther really had a defense was when they won the SB, and while the numbers weren't great they took the ball away.


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        Let's hope Dan can turn things around first. Really don't want to start over. Would rather Dan prove himself to be a solid HC, then find the staff he wants for his style of play in all phases. If Tbaum and Dan mesh, things could go really well for us the next few years... BIG IF.


        • Daytona Dolfan
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          IMO that is the best case scenario and I would really like to see it happen. I just feel that Campbell has what it takes to be an HC. I just hope his chance didn't come before he is ready.

        • cuchulainn
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          Hope so, DD. We should have a better idea after the next two weeks of play.

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        I can't see this ever happening. Even if Payton was on the "trading block" why would he choose to come to Miami over Indianapolis? Tannehill vs Luck? Every coach in the league would choose the Colts job over the Dolphins job no matter what kind of "ties" they have with the other team. Luck is going to be one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks in the NFL. Tannehill? After next season he more then likely will catch on with another team and go 1-2 mediocre seasons with them before being a perennial back-up quarterback for the rest of his career, just like Chad Henne. Nope, I don't see Payton in Miami in the foreseeable future because of two elements; Ryan Tannehill, and Mike Tannenbaum. " IF " Sean Payton was even going to ENTERTAIN the idea of coming to Miami he would want FULL CONTROL, which means there is no need to have Tannenbaum. Well, we all know how stupid Ross is and how he puts 'friendships' before business. Didn't Ross ever watch The Godfather? Ross simply has no idea how to run a football team and this team will remain a mediocre team until he either sells the team or FINALLY allows his football guys the authority to make the football decisions without interfering and allowing his friendships with coaches, GM's and VP's to hinder this team being able to move forward and actually improving.
        "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

        “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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          Unless he gets full control, he might consider it..


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            Payton has ties with the Cowboys and I am not sure but I thought I read he still has a home in Dallas. I have also been told that Jerry still wants him to coach the Cowboys. My prediction is that if Payton truly is done in NO, Jerry will dump Garret and make Payton an offer he can't refuse.


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              Sean Payton has already stated that he has NO INTENTIONS of going anywhere, and this is typical NFL rumor mill fodder..


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                Yeah, I tend to look at the relationship between Campbell and Payton as a reason he wouldn't become the next Head Coach. I don't think we're going to retain Lazor after this year so we will be in the market for an OC. I feel 99.9% certain that Anuromo will not be the DC next year either. If Campbell starts getting these guys motivated and is smart enough to get the best guys on the field and he's wise enough to force Lazor to open up and Tannehill to wake up and he forces an overhaul to the non-blocking scheme we have going and he gets the entire defense to start attacking, he can put himself in the running for the head coaching job for 2016. It's a lot of ifs. He's tough. We know that. The question is, is he football smart enough? He'll have his chance to prove it over the next 12 weeks. If Campbell keeps his job, it will be up to Tannenbaum to hire him an OC and a DC. That's one area in which I would feel confident in Tannenbaum. Campbell will certainly have some input into who Tannenbaum chooses, which means we will more than likely go back to a pro style offense. Something tells me a career blocking TE like Campbell can't be thrilled with this flag football offense. It will be interesting to see Tannehill have to adapt. He's been running this type of system since college.
                I like Sean Payton a lot. I'd be happy with that decision. Brady Quinn, like Freak, said that whoever takes this job has to be confident in Ryan Tannehill as the Quarterback. The truth is, unless you're running the pistol offense, you have no idea what to think of Tannehill. It will be a similar situation to when the Redskins tried to reshape RGIII into a pro style QB. Freak mentioned Payton as a candidate for the Colts job but I have a sneaking suspicion that Nick Saban is going to take that job. If Payton gets fired, he may end up coming to Miami as Dan Campbell's OC. That would be nice. We know Ross will pay him. But like PsychFugue said, there's no reason to believe Sean Payton is going anywhere.
                Anyway. In the words of big bad Dan Campbell, "BLOCK SOMEBODY !!!"


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