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what will the team will miami look like when they play sunday against tennesse!

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  • what will the team will miami look like when they play sunday against tennesse!

    my hope is that Dan C hasn't revealed much of what this team will look like so as not the let tenn. have any idea what time to prepare for.
    they come out and surprise tenn, and maybe get off to a good start.
    the dolphins where so predicable on off. and def. under philbin.
    they have this chance to use surprise to their advantage to some degree.

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    I am hearing that he is changing some of the Xs and Os. Let's hope he is more aggressive down the field with the passing game, balanced with a stronger commitment to the run. On defense more stunts and blitzes to get the pressure on the QB that has been missing all season long. Just more aggressive.


    • phinfanfrom70s
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      and being aggressive down field is a direct result of good play calling and success at the start of the game.
      setting the defense up so things line up that make doing that easier.....
      in the philbin era that never happened,most times it was 3rd and long after a unsuccessful 1st and 2nd downs.
      a successful 1st down opens the playcalling up to a greater range of calls that include deeper throws down field!

    • FinFan in KC
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      I think you pretty well nailed it.

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    What am I expecting to see from the Dolphins this Sunday? Not much. I am not expecting to see too much change. After all, the Dolphins didn't go out and get some big named coaches, they just promoted from within for the most part, and those coaches from within were/are more college coaches then they are NFL coaches. I think Campbell will do his best to right this ship by changing schemes on offense and defense, and hopefully with Lazor's hand being held for the past week he won't be calling screen passes every passing down. I am not buying this BS that Tannehill isn't allowed to audible but "IF" that is true Campbell would need to put a stop to that immediately because that sets an offense up for failure especially with this horrific offensive line that they put together. (With Scotch Tape)

    I expect this team to come out with FIRE and PASSION on both sides of the ball. I expect this team to look "mentally" prepared and different when they come out of the gate. Then, by the middle of the 2nd half I expect things to settle down a bit and by the time the 3rd quarter comes I expect all that "Fire" and "Passion" to be gone because the team as a whole will realize one thing, their quarterback still sucks and their coaches are still morons. I think at the end of the day Campbell will deserve a BIG ol' E for Effort but he is trying to build a coaching staff and team with wet napkins. This team needs to be gutted from top to bottom. SAY NO TO MANGINI !
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


    • Finatic
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      Damn Bro. That's kind of harsh don't you think? Last year Tannehill was a top 15 QB and now he sucks? Maybe the problem is he is a pinata back there behind that horrible line. And maybe the reason Miller can't run the ball is because that horrible line. I think you are focusing your "sucks" on the wrong position. Aaron Rodgers would look bad behind our line.

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    So far, Dan has put the spotlight on himself. Apart from calling out a few of the leaders during his presser, he's kept them out of the news and has taken it upon himself to change the culture and ignite some passion in this lifeless team.

    I'm expecting them all to come out and play like Landry - with more fire and determination.

    IF they bomb and come out looking like ass for the 5th straight game, the press will have a feeding frenzy. This game is a playoff type atmosphere game for us and every game here after this season as well.

    I'm much more optimistic about this team right now, but more Philbin-esque type play would quell that in a hurry.


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      You'd think the most we can hope for is that some of DC's passion, fire, tenacity & aggression rubs off on the whole (Jarvis Landry & a couple others excluded) listless team...But how much can we realistically hope can be changed in a couple of weeks? The crappy rules of the CBA i believe, allow only 14 full-contact workout days during the season, so how much can our physicality (or lack thereof) really improve?? Does anyone really believe this team can change it's soft-finesse identity pretty much overnight into the smash-mouth team DC speaks of??, Saying it doesn't make it so!..Had this happened during the offseason maybe, during the season it i believe becomes unrealistic if not downright impossible!

      I'd expect that we come out pumped-up to play which will be a HUGE change from our norm, but the question is how long can we sustain & how will we look when the initial burst of excitement & adrenaline wears off??!!!

      Here are some interesting tweets about Tennessee that doesn't bode well for us:
      Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

      Based on my film study Tennessee's screen game is really impressive.

      The Titans defense is allowing opponents to convert only 31% of third downs.

      The Titans defense allows the league's lowest amount of first downs per game.

      Dolphins fan....Titans have one hell of a defense. 3rd in total yards allowed. First in net passing yards per game. First in sacks per pass.

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        I expect to see a much more physical approach to the game from Miami than we have seen in the past 3+ years. I expect a lot of double TE sets and a 20-30% increase of Tannehill under center. I think we will see much less of the outside zone running game, and more between the tackles runs. I fully expect to see the offensive line on their toes more and heels less. Campbell has made reference to this. I expect a better balance in run/pass ratio and set up play action.

        On defense I expect less reacting and more attacking. I expect to see the corners press more and for God's sake I don't expect to see them playing 8 yards off on third and six.

        Tennessee has a tough defense and Mariota has been impressive but if you get pressure on him he will make mistakes. I think Miami's pride and manhood has been challenged, I expect them to step up and play a very physical game and beat Ten.

        Miami 27 - Ten 13


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          In my Bold Predictions I predicted the final score of this game, after a bounce-back bye week with their new interim head coach, with a final score of Dolphins 31 vs Titans 17.

          Realistically, after watching both teams play more, I think the final score will be Dolphins 17 vs Titans 24. But, I guess I have to stick to my original prediction. Aha
          "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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            i hope they come out and prove they shouldn't be 1-3 team and that DC has installed some kind of different look than they had previously, leaving tenn. slightly off balanced .
            whether he had time to do that or not remains to be seen.
            to me in the philbin era ,they seemed to come out the same way no matter what team it was.
            I hope DC can have a real game plan that can be recognized and has the opposing team off their game,that's the type coach that's needed!
            for instance, getting thill out of the pocket some and use his athleticism and take some pressure off the o-line. a couple of option runs by thill that inflict some damage and that helps keep the d honest!


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              This is what I expect to see from the Dolphins this weekend;


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                I really have no idea what to expect and I don't have a feel for the game. I have to believe that we will be prepared to play and show some energy and enthusiasm. I mean come on, we got rid of Philbin and Coyle and we are coming off a bye week. There are absolutely no excuses for not showing up ready to compete at a high level.

                That being said this will still probably be a close game. The Titans really should have beaten the Bills last week so this will not be a cakewalk, besides we rarely have easy games anyway. I want to see the D-line that we saw glimpses of in the preseason. I know that was only preseason but they were going up against other teams starters and looked dominant. It makes no sense why our D-line has been so pathetic and soft for the first 4 games this season. I want to see an o-line with an attitude who is tired of being abused and pushed around. I am hoping this is where Dan Campbell's intensity and coaching will come in. I also want to see the Tannehill we saw last year who at least looked like a competent QB. This is a must win game, at 2-3 we will actually be right in the mix with a bunch of other teams flirting with .500.


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                  I don't know what to EXPECT, but I'm hoping to see a team with some inspiration and FIRE, come out, and play with HEART, and for the coaches to start working with the team's strengths and away from the weaknesses. Tannehill plays well out of the pocket, he should be playing there more often, take some pressure off the line, and buy the receivers some time to run their routes. Parker should get some targets, and the defense should get in the Titan's backfield early and often...
                  Overall I am hoping to see signs of the team that we were hoping to see in DC last month.
                  We will be attending this game, after "boycotting" for the past couple seasons, so I pray that we can walk out of Nissan Stadium with pride! ...


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                    I just read some of the most humiliating talk I've ever witnessed. It was stating that the Titans were so much better than Miami on paper and they should win easily. It mentioned that Tennessee had played well enough to win against much better opposition than Miami and should coast to victory - but Miami's D could make it close for a half. Then they'd pull away with Miami unable to score more than 14 points.

                    This from a team that was f**k**g 2 - 14 last season. Unbelievable.


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                      The Titans have two things that the Dolphins don't ; a quarterback who can throw the football accurately and move around when needed, and they have good coaching especially on defense.
                      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


                      • DolphinsFreak
                        DolphinsFreak commented
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                        I am well aware that he used to be a wide receiver. I am wishing that he would have stayed at that position. What I am stating is that, although I know he has the ABILITY to move around and be effective, he rarely does. When he was coming out of college I heard all these great things about him. I heard that he is intelligent and that he is extremely mobile. Well, I do NOT see him using his mobility at all and the rare moments that he does he is less accurate when THROWING on the run. I think he is great when he keeps it himself and runs with it but he doesn't do that often enough in my opinion. And, I do NOT think he is a smart quarterback. I don't believe he isn't allowed to audible, that just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. So, it just doesn't make sense to me why such a MOBILE quarterback would just stand there and allow the pocket to collapse around him so often. The o-line sucks and he must know that so why doesn't he move that pocket around? Is everyone going to blame Lazor and say that LAZOR is insisting that he NOT move and take these sacks? I am not buying that at all. I can't imagine Lazor putting his career as an OC on the line by telling his QB this. I think Tannehill just doesn't have pocket awareness and doesn't know when to move and when not to. He just lacks the natural instincts that I think he should have had a LONG time ago. He is trying to figure out things about the position that he should have learned before college and NOT be "trying" to learn while getting paid as a franchise quarterback. JMO

                      • phinfanfrom70s
                        phinfanfrom70s commented
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                        IMHO LAZOR is partly to blame.
                        he could move THill around in different ways to keep the d-line from pinning back their ears and going full blown after him.
                        that won't happen when THill goes in the shot gun and stands there. I know what your saying(D freak) that it's not lazors fault if THill just sit there until hes chrushed,but I think lazor can do a better job calling plays that for one get the defense questioning what their going to do. more diversion type plays that are designed to keep the defense honest!

                      • DolphinsFreak
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                        I think Lazor SUCKS! I have mentioned many times before that I think he is riding Chip Kelly's coat tails and even that isn't giving him much credit anymore since most NFL teams have figured out Kelly's schemes too. Lazor's offense is as creative as a Pee Wee football teams. It confuses me that the Dolphins can have 10 different OC's that all seem to end up calling the same, vanilla offense that children watching can tell you what's going to happen before the ball is snapped. "Here comes a run up the middle, again." Although Lazor is PART of the problem Tannehill MUST be to blame too since he is mobile and has the ability to move around and/or run and he doesn't do that. As I stated, he will just stand there as if his legs are stuck in holes where he lacks the ability to move left or right. He must already hold the record for throwing the ball into the line. I know he holds it for throwing the ball behind his receivers. Ugh. He's so hard to watch! I hope whomever is helping Lazor out will bitch slap him and tell him to MOVE Tannehill out of that pocket. The line SUCKS, it's just common sense to move that pocket around.

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                      I think we will see a bump from players going all out to prove their ousting of Philbin and Coyle was justified. But that kind of emotional boost won't last more than a few games, sooner or later the team will have to actually be better coached to produce consistent results. No one can say if these guys are better coaches since none of them have ever done it. I am thankful for Saunders joining the staff. At least he has serious experience in the NFL and can maybe tweak the Xs & Os to match Campbell's style. I am in show me mode right now.


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                        I hope campbell is smart enough to realize ,this is what philbin did, don't do that do the opposite.
                        it didn't work for him and probably won't work for you.
                        if they come out and the team looks the same as when philbin was driving,I'll be pissed. anything but that!


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