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  • Biggest bye week observation

    It was nice to watch games this weekend with no clouded head, no alcohol abuse, no throwing things at the TV, and no pit in the stomach feeling after watching the phins play.

    With that said I watched good teams this weekend, I watched average teams this weekend, and I watched bad teams this weekend. And every one of them played with more passion, fire, and sense of urgency than I've seen out of the Dolphins all season. Last night a fairly pedestrian Steeler and Charger defense was flying to the ball, pass rushers were going balls to the wall and disrupting the QB's. I didn't see a single team look as lethargic as the Dolphins have.

    So what does this mean? Hell I don't know. I know if means the team is clearly not playing with the "hair on fire" attitude the rest of the NFL seems to play at. Is that Philbin and his stoic demeaner that has worn off on the team? Do we just have a bunch of lazy, premadona's who are fine just collecting a pay check? I'm not sure, but one thing that is different about us versus everyone else is our lack of intensity and desire. I sure hope Campbell can pull that out of this team. It's clear that no matter what your talent level, you need to play with passion and desire, you need to go 110% every series, every play. We haven't done that yet with the exception of a couple players (Jones and Landry are the only two I see that passion from).

    I guess we'll see what Campbell can do. It's hard to say we have the talent when they don't show it on the field. Hard for me to accept that because Philbin was so "uninspiring" that the players have no passion, but it is clear we are lacking it desperately and it's clear every other team in the NFL is playing harder and smarter than our Dolphins. At this rate we deserve to be the worst team in football and get the #1 pick, and I'm thinking that is going to be the case if this team doesn't start playing as hard as the rest of the NFL.

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    I can see Philbins double standards that the players saw. Coddle the Coaches even if they no not he what they are doing while getting rid of productive players because they are vocal.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      If you ask me, coaches aren't the only ones being coddled. The problem is the backup at the one key position is like a blonde cheerleader. He was out of that uniform and into the backseat as soon as he got the offer. Metaphorically speaking.
      I think the Dan Campbell mentality and attitude has struck me the hardest over the bye week.


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        Liking the Rizzi to assistant signing! I'm a tight end kind of guy.
        The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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          What I saw and realized is that the Patriots could go undefeated again.


          • cuchulainn
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            Bite your tongue.

          • HndRkyaBong34
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            I said it in the beginning of the season, Brady has something to prove after the deflategate.. So far he's un-stoppable..

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          I didn't say that is what I want...but they are just dominating everyone they play and their schedule is pretty easy.


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            I hate to say it but you might be right. I don't understand how they keep doing it. Losing Revis Browner and Wilfork. Starting 2 rookie OG's and their o-line doesn't miss a beat. It seems like they can plug in anybody and it doesn't matter as long as they have Brady and Bellichick they keep rolling.

            Wouldn't it be something if they are going for a perfect season and the Dolphins stand in their way in the season finale at home. I wonder if we can summon the ghosts of 72.


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              I watched a ton of football. Last night's game should have shown many fans what a REAL quarterback can do, even when they are playing behind a TERRIBLE offensive line. Yes, the Chargers offensive line IS terrible but when you have a quarterback who knows how to throw a football, that quarterback keeps you in games and makes your entire team better. I don't think Rivers is elite but I do know that he is way better then Tannehill will ever be. After watching 3 plus season of Tannehill throwing the football I have come to the conclusion that he is playing out of position. He just doesn't have the "gift" , the natural ability to throw a football where he wants it to go, like all the other QB's in the league.


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                P.S. The Dolphins COACHING staff has SUCKED for many, many years. A REAL coaching staff could probably make these current players play better then they have been playing. I think this college level coaching staff has lost the respect of most of the players and THAT is why they don't play with fire or passion. MAYBE Campbell can spark this team and bring that passion back to the Dolphins players. I hope for one of two things for this season; Campbell lights a fire underneath this team and they play their hearts out for him and make a playoff run, or I hope that they lose every single game they have on the schedule so they can have a better pick in next years draft. I do NOT want anything in between those two wishes for this team. Picking 12-16 sucks so playoffs or bust for me


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                  Originally posted by Aquaaiea View Post
                  I'm a tight end kind of guy.
                  That just sounds wrong on so many levels! lol...


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                    Hehehe you guys have a dirty mind.

                  • Driven_Phinsane!
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                    yeah, & juvenile as well ;-)...But i knew you'd be a good sport about it!

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