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    Originally Posted by Peter King
    Dan Campbell is not a shy man.

    Dolphins interim coach Dan Campbell was near the end of a 30-minute conversation with me on Saturday. I felt like I was being coached for about half of it, with Campbell sometimes lapsing into coach-speak, like I was one of his players: We gotta get off to better starts! We gotta get manageable second downs! But then, at the end, I asked him what he wanted Dolphins fans to know about this perennially disappointing franchise, and what the Campbell regime, however long it lasts, had planned.

    Pause. Two, three seconds.

    “I would say this,” Campbell, 39, said ominously. “We’re about to wake the sleeping giant.”

    Pause. Then nothing.

    Okay, Dan. Have a good day! End of interview.

    The man is serious. He sounds nothing like an interim coach. In 30 minutes, you got the feeling that the matter of taking over a team in October after a pitiful 1-3 start was a trifling inconvenience—he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and just because he took over now instead of January didn’t really matter. He had every intention of taking advantage of this chance and turning Miami around this year, instead of just keeping the seat warm for the next, more established head man. Odd. He’d never coached anywhere other than Miami, working as a coaching intern in 2010 and then as the tight ends coach since 2011. Never a coordinator, anywhere. Never a head coach, anywhere.

    Campbell, a Texan, was a tight end for four teams over 10 seasons, and never thought he’d want to be a coach until he left the game. And he thought, What do I love? Football. And competing, and physical and mental toughness. “I am the guy who loves challenges,” Campbell said. “There’s plenty of people out there who look at my inexperience, who look at whether I deserve this, and that gives me motivation. That is when I rise to the top. Whether you’re a player or a coach it’s all about being competitive. As coaches and players in the last four weeks, we’ve all underachieved. And my message to the team is going to be: We’re going to get back to the basics. And we’re going to be competitive.”

    That word kept coming up—competitive. I brought up to him how incredible it is and how much an indictment of the talent-laden team it was that, after four games, Miami has been outscored 37-3 in the first quarter.

    “I addressed that with our team in our first meeting,” Campbell said. “Thirty-seven to three. I said, ‘Somebody tell me what that is.’ Nobody knew. I said, ‘That’s the score in the first quarter of our games. That’s the first thing we gotta look at. How can you win games when you’re always playing from behind so fast!’”
    More at the link...

    Here's a PBP post with some good stuff as well.

    37-3 is a message he's hammering into the team... Poor reflection on the defense and the offense.

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    Not sure how good this team can be, but I know they will be better than they have been the last 4 games....I do hope Campbell's coaching matches his intensity.....


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      Inspiring and getting these guys prepared to compete is part of a HC's job. The ONLY time in 3+ seasons of Philbin I can recall this team coming out and being competitive and fired up to start a game was a game he was out all week for last season against the Raiders in the UK. Energy and passion are contagious. Philbin didn't have it. Campbell does. I don't know if he's the next Bill Cowher or not, but Dan's intensity certainly reminds you of Cowher.

      Let's he can salvage this team. I'm so tired of starting over... Jimmy, Wanny, Saban, Cameron, Sparano, Philbin... we've rebuilt enough. Makes me sick to see the list of talent that Philbin in particular has dumped the last 3 seasons that has performed MUCH better elsewhere. Hoping Dan can identify who is actually talented on this roster and get them in the best positions to succeed as well.


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        Yes I've spewed venom. Yes I've vented like Mt. Pinatubo. Yes I've been seeing through a thick cloud of doom and gloom. But, I do like what I'm hearing from Coach Campbell. Yes, he has lit a fire under my ass. Yes the sky is clearing. He's not saying the "right" things. He's telling the truth and he's saying what we, as knowledgeable observers, need to hear. We are going to fight. And one thing I truly believe from this point on is this team is going to fight. I don't believe we've put the best players on the field at each position and I'm not sure we're talented enough to get great results but we will now fight and figure out which guys really deserve to be getting the reps they are getting. The necessary changes in strategy and scheme have been discussed. Now, let's see if he has the vision to move players where they belong, move some guys out of where they don't belong, bench some players that are not playing with skill and desire and promote some players that fit the right attitude of what this team needs. Just like the players must exhibit the energy, skill and desire to be winners, this is Campbell's opportunity to do the same. He must win the job if he hopes to keep it. The difference is, for him to keep his job, he must drive 53 others to perform theirs at the highest possible level. I want to see some grabbing of masks and spit-firing tirades at his players, at the refs and at God, in general, when things are not going the way he knows they should be. Because one thing I know for sure come every Sunday from here on out. Our coach can kick your coach's ass.


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          The more I read about this guy and the more I listen to him, the more I hope he can win the job. Campbell is a born leader of men.


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            Agree with all you guys. Now, Dan has to show us starting with the opening qtr of the Titans game.


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              It's going to be tough sledding against the Titans. That was a shrewd move by Whisenhunt luring **** LeBeau over from Pittsburgh to run that defense. I'm anxious to see more man on man blocking and maybe even driving some defensive linemen off of the line of scrimmage. Don't be surprised to see Billy Turner come back to life under Campbell. Receivers are going to struggle to get YAC on the many sub 5 yard passes and Tannehill will be "Panicfilled" facing LeBeau's blitz packages so the run game must lead the way.
              Defensively, we'll see if Campbell's message wakes the dogs. The Titans offense is looking pretty good and they have a Quarterback for the Dolphins to envy. Hopefully Campbell and Co. start the turnaround by making Kelvin Sheppard 1st string bench warmer right next to Brice McCain.


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                Would love to see us go to a power blocking scheme, which plays to both Turner and Douglas' strengths. Albert should be back at LT as well. Changing the blocking and getting the ground game going would be ideal, especially as Ajayi should be active for this game.

                Interestingly, Mariota draws a lot of comparisons to Tannehill skill wise. That said, Wisenhunt is playing into what Mariota does well as opposed to Tannehill, who Philbin wanted to remold and turn into a pocket passer. Just smarter coaching. Also, Tannehill is a much better player when you get him running early in games. No idea why we haven't seen that this season.

                I expect LeBeau to bring the house, so Lazor and THill needs to be prepared for it and take off and use his legs to pick up first downs. THill can do that, the coaches just have to get the entire offense tuned up.

                Hoping they put Misi back at MLB, Sheppard on the bench, and Chris Mc at SLB.


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                  Cuch, we seem to have the same vision about a lot when it comes to this team. I did previously see you post about man to man blocking and got all fired up. The zone, stretch blocks work nice on occasion but they have to be mixed in with some man to man and some down blocking to keep the D line from just teeing off on us. You have to find ways to make them pay for being overly aggressive (Super Bowl VIII). I'm with you on the LBers too although I think Mike Hull honestly won the OLB competition in pre-season. He's the new Rishard Matthews. Anything he lacked in experience he made up for with relentlessness, hard hitting and good, solid form tackling, sideline to sideline, whistle to whistle. And I am PUMPED about Ajayi. I forgot he was coming back so soon. I'd really like to see a heavy, heavy dose of the Jay Ajayi show. I think we'd be better served handing him the ball on anything less than 3rd and 9 because I'd rather see tough 4 yard runs instead of 0-3 yard passes. This O line needs to put in some overtime and, honestly, I think they'd be glad to do it. Following #17 will always have us climbing uphill. A rushing attack is what we need to summit the mountain and get this train steaming downhill with gravity on our side. Campbell is the name of my hometown and Campbell is now the name of my main man.
                  P.S. Will someone close to the facility tell Dan Campbell I just overheard Whisenhunt say he is a big soft pu$$y just like his team is?


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                    LOL... I think one of the things that got Philbin fired and Dan hired was just that - the world thinks this team is pu$$y and has played like it.

                    I'd love to come with Ajayi and Gray and smash the ball down the Titans throats and once they're worn out let Miller use his speed. Feed 'em what the jets did to us. Behind a power rushing attack, Tannehill should be able to do enough to help win games.

                    Completely agree on the defense. Let's kick some ass next Sunday.


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                      If Dan can get the players who are the leaders of this team believing and motivated the other will follow. A fast start and convincing win on Sunday would make that happen.


                      • cuchulainn
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                        Exactly.... they need to treat this Titans game like it's a playoff game. It's critical to win this one and to do it in convincing fashion.

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