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Jarvis Landry 'robbed' twice in the same week!

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  • Jarvis Landry 'robbed' twice in the same week!

    Landry must feel like he was robbed twice just days apart; Sunday against the Jets he was shoved to the ground in the endzone by D. Revis, allowing Revis the easy pick. When Landry popped up and vehemently argued the non-call he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct..if he though that was the end of it he was sadly mistaken as yesterday he was fined 23 thousand dollars by the league for abusive language towards an official!

    I imagine Landry was super-pissed about the non-call, lost his cool and more than likely said something along the lines of 'OPEN YOUR F'N EYES REF,,ARE YOU F'N BLIND!!!' I also realize that the league must curtail any threat towards an official, be it physical or verbal - A situation such as this could escalate quickly...I just find it crazy that the league acts like it cares so much about player safety yet you get like an $8,000 fine for hits that have the potential to be career-enders and you have $23,000 fines for hurting a refs feelings...

    Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes wasn’t the only player from the AFC East who was fined for directing abusive language to an official. Per multiple reports, Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry was fined, too.The standard fine for a first offense under the 2015 fine schedule is $23,152. For a second offense committed this season, the amount [more]

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    I would be fined for this on a regular basis if I played. Some of the calls are so bad and some appear to just be an attempt to help the opposition.
    Can we sign this guy?


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      The NFL has reeled in the rules and their enforcement in such a way that they are ruining the game. Two calls in particular were so horrible they can not be explained without a smirk and a finger dig to the ribs. The Buffalo defensive back being flagged for unnecessary roughness on a 100% clean play was outrageous. I guess you just have to let the receiver catch the ball nowadays. I don't even respect Quarterback numbers anymore. Marino's numbers would be double in today's game with all the roughing the QB, defensive holding and pass interference calls he would have gotten. The other was the Falcons TD non-catch. Once again, turning upfield and extending the ball forward is not a football move. It's time for a group to start a new league that goes back to the old rules. Players should be stockholders/part owners that play at their own risk and the rules should treat players like men. So ridiculous.


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