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Lou says they never ran a 2 gap system

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  • Lou says they never ran a 2 gap system

    New DC says they have never ran a 2 gap system since he's been there. I find that to be a little alarming as we all thought this would be the easy fix for the defense.
    Can we sign this guy?

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    Yeah we were kicking that whole thing around on the 5 things about Lou thread. That comment is definitely a head scratcher.


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      I made a post about this under the Capn Lou thread. Being an NFL defensive coordinator is a lot more complex than choosing a "1 gap" or "2 gap" defense. If that's all there was anyone could become a great DC within 1 to 2 weeks. 1 week if they guessed right the first time, 2 weeks if they guessed wrong.


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        But as we know these guys are too stubborn to change. Even if it means losing their job. My point was we all thought Coyle was running a 2 gap scheme and it didn't fit our personnel. Our thinking was an easy start to fixing the defense would be a switch to a 1 gap scheme and turn them lose and let them be aggressive. It appears it's a deeper issue. Maybe just game planning and play calling. Whatever it is I'm afraid we are in for more if the same.
        Can we sign this guy?


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          I hope not. I think a lot of the issues are with the LB unit in total. Let's see how we look next Sunday against the Titans, who played pretty well against the Bills.

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