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Peter King on Tannenbaum & New HC

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  • Peter King on Tannenbaum & New HC

    Don't know if this has been posted. I saw King on ESPN saying that when Tannenbaum was out of the NFL, he was an agent negotiating contracts for coaches. His agency represented NBA coaches Kerr and Blatt, who had no experience and questionable HC's to lead a team. The two played for the NBA title last year.

    King thinks this had some impact on what he may do in Miami.

    Thoughts on bringing in an unknown next year who may even be Campbell?
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    Think Dan is getting his shot now and wishing him the best.

    Playoffs aren't realistic. He'd have to win 8 out of 12 games to make that mark.

    If he can win the next 2, then finish strong at the end of the season, he deserves a shot at the permanent HC position.
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