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Branden Albert: 'I'm ready to help this team'

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  • Branden Albert: 'I'm ready to help this team'

    Hope so... we need all the help we can get.

    Sort of scary that Dan put him in at the beginning of the Okl drills, but Albert held up. Let's hope he can hold up the rest of the season.

    No player on the Miami Dolphins was aware the team would do the "Oklahoma drill" in Wednesday’s practice, which was the first under interim head coach Dan Campbell.

    So when players were suddenly called to gather in the middle of the field, eight-year veteran left tackle Branden Albert found himself in an interesting spot.
    The Dolphins need Branden Albert back in the lineup.

    Albert was closest to the start of the drill. Despite missing the past two games with a hamstring injury, the gritty veteran stepped up and took the first rep of the “Oklahoma drill” in front of his new coach and teammates.

    “I’m a little bit too old to do the Oklahoma [drill],” Albert joked after Wednesday’s practice. “But it was a lot of good energy out there and it’s what we needed right now.”

    Albert’s practice decision was a strong indication that he will be ready to return after the bye week when the Dolphins (1-3) travel to play the Tennessee Titans (1-2).

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    I approve of putting Albert on the front lines and testing his readiness. It's a message a HC has to send that speaks volumes!
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    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      Sets a tone and makes a statement having him do that coming off injury. I like Dan's hardnose approach. Hope it works.

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    The entire practice was about sending a message and setting a tone. It wasn't really and Oklahoma drill but just a glorified one on one drill. Campbell talked about winning you one on one's in his opening presser. The practice on Wednesday was nothing but one on one drills even after the press had to leave. He is going to make this team tougher mentally.

    As far as being the LT coach, I don't know if he will succeed or not but I am pulling for the guy. Since Shula Miami has gone after the big named coaches, the big named college coach, and the hot named coordinators, maybe bringing up a rising star in the coaching ranks is what will finally break the curse over this organization. I am pulling for the guy, not just because it's Miami and I want them to win, but I love his attitude of hard nosed punch you in the face football.


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      Well it's about time Albert! but knowing his history, he'll be hurt again and the FO will look like fools again for paying big bucks for an inferior player.....


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