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    It's hard to criticize Dolphin fans for not being patient. After all it's been 42 years since we won a Superbowl and 31 years since we even appeared in one. But just as a reminder, when we drafted RT we got him where we did because he was a "project". A converted wide receiver that had only played QB for a little over 1 year. The leap to the NFL is a difficult one for say Manning who was always a top level QB, never mind a guy who was still learning to play the position at any level. So if you take that into account, last year RT played his 4th season at QB. One at Texas AM and 3 with the Dolphins. He now has the same number of years of experience as a red shirt senior entering the NFL for his rookie season. Judge his play and performance this year as if he was this year's first round draft pick and I think you will get a better grasp on what his future is as an NFL QB. I think we have a winner!

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    I think this year is the year we know for sure. He has great weapons, he has had plenty of time to learn the game. The question I have is not his physical skill set, it is his leadership. When the game is on the line can he take the team on his shoulder and win games. When there is no running game can he throw for 400 yards and 3 TDs and carry the game if he has to. That is what he needs to be able to do to cement himself as the long term starter. Whatever that trait is, all of the good ones have it.


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      Just to clarify, he was a QB in college and was recruited to A&M as a QB but they had an established QB he wasn't able to beat out. However, he was such a good athlete that they wanted to get him on the field so they played him at WR. So he is not a converted WR. With that said, I believe he is just now overcoming 6 years of Mike Sherman coaching. We all witnessed how predictable and vanilla Sherman's offensive schemes and play calling were. I think Tannehill excelled in spite of his situation. So I think he can play but as Finatic said, can he lead the team? Can he get that fire that lifts the rest of the team to be better than they are? That remains to be seen. Personally I think he can lead this team. Will he be able to do it as well as Marino? Doubtful but few others have ever done it as well as Marino did.
      Can we sign this guy?


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        I don't really count high school experience towards the NFL. Many college programs don't count much more. But for example the experience that Marino or Elway or say Luck had in college was a long way ahead of what Ryan had. My only point is that you have to sort of discount some of his first 3 years to that learning curve, and we knew that when we drafted him. Now, all 3 of the QBs I just mentioned I think are better than Ryan will ever be. But I do think he is the 2nd best QB we have ever had, And if this team cannot compete at the highest levels they need to look elsewhere for the answer. I believe with the right game plans and supporting cast he can win Superbowls.


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          I have to give the number 2 all time QB at this point to Griese. Hard to argue with his success and he did lead us to all those winning seasons. But Ryan could be that guy. He just needs to now deliver on the promise.


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            I agree he did not have much experience in college. I believe he only started 16 games at QB and those were under Sherman. I think his ceiling is very high and I too believe he is capable of being a super bowl caliber QB with a decent supporting cast and solid coaching.
            Can we sign this guy?


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