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is the philbin,coyle connection broken?

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  • is the philbin,coyle connection broken?

    my thought,
    philbin IMO protected coyle and again IMO probably gave up his job in a part on coyles behalf!
    so why hasn't coyle did the same for philbin. why didn't coyle say if philbin is gone I'm gone too and have that same loyalty toward philbin!
    that way no one wouldn't have to fire him. I think that carpenter will keep coyle and lazor and try to change their schemes to more fit his liking,and if they don't like that or can't do that their gone after the next game or even before the next game.
    carpenters thing is to salvage this team and he indicated that he thinks that this team is talented and it's early enough in the season to do that.
    what is the fastest way to do that? it's take the players and coaches and make the changes he in- visions to get to that install new coordinators would not be the fastest way to do that,unless the coordinators don't do what he wants done and won't work with him. but if he can make coyle conform to his vision of we wants to see out of the defensive scheme, than he might be able to salvage with these coordinators.
    so philbin ,IMO didn't make coyle conform because he said he told him to simlify the D,but from last year to this year the defense performed the same to worse from the last game of last year.
    so did coyle do to much changing ,it doesn't seem so..
    so coyle didn't even listen to philbin who was saving his job and when he got axed he decided to keep his job if he could instead of showing the same loyalty toward joe philbin.

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    I'm sure you mean Campbell, Carp hasn't been with the team for a few years now and I don't think buffalo wants to let him go so he can coach our team.
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