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  • Am I reading this wrong...

    Dan Campbell is already planning one significant change since being named Miami's interim head coach.
    A source told FOX Sports that Campbell told players in a team meeting Monday that he will be changing the style in which the team conducts its practices.
    The switch stems from a practice incident last week prior to Miami's 27-14 loss to the New York Jets in London. The National Football Post reported that Tannehill made belittling comments toward members of the practice squad after the defense forced two turnovers.
    A source told FOX Sports that Tannehill became angry after a practice squad player intercepted one of his passes. The situation escalated when a practice squad defender zipped in front of another Tannehill pass for a second interception.
    The National Football Post reported that former Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin told practice squad players to "take it easy on Tannehill to not affect the young quarterback's confidence."
    A source told FOX Sports that the Dolphins, like some other NFL teams, had asked their defensive scout team members to simulate opponent schemes and looks during some practices rather than try to make plays on the football.
    Like the entire Dolphins squad, Tannehill has struggled in 2015. He is completing only 56.7 percent of his passes with seven touchdowns and five interceptions.
    Tannehill is set to meet with Dolphins media on Wednesday.
    Campbell will make his head coaching debut Oct. 18 when the Dolphins (1-3) play at Tennessee.

    The writer acts as if Dan is changing practice because of the RT issue.

    Where the hell did he get that from, "
    A source told FOX Sports that Campbell told players in a team meeting Monday that he will be changing the style in which the team conducts its practices."

    I damn sure hope we are changing the way we practice, but I don't believe it's from RT getting picked from some PS players, could be because they can't tackle, can't block, can't run the ball, can't defend the pass, can't throw a fade........

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    I think the writer of the article might be reading too much into that incident. I think Campbell believes Philbin was running soft practices and plans on changing that. I also believe that he will command respect from ALL his players and things like what happened in London will NOT be happening on his watch. I don't expect much from this Dolphins team this season but I do expect every single one of the Dolphins players to respect Dan Campbell or he will be making them pay for it. He seems like a no nonsense type of guy and I wish him the best with this dysfunctional mess that he inherited.
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    • Seadog
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      Absolutely, and I don't have a problem with PS players embarrassing RT, because the Dolphins embarrass me every week....I hope the party is over in Miami and the beatings begin.....

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    Good catch Dog, another case of a writer putting his own spin on things. Perhaps to lend credence to the initial report??
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    • Alpha
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      This is the typical media piling on and kicking you when your down. They love nothing more than a dumpster fire...

    • cuchulainn
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      Agree with you and Alpha both. The entire ''story'' was manufactured. Jeff Darlington, among others who actually cover the Dolphins unlike the mouthpieces running with this, has been calling BS on it from the start.

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    This whole situation happened in a walk thru practice. Complete media bs and nothing worth writing an article on.


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      I left this on Alex's comments as well.....fricking writers....


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        I agree this is a non story. In reality if practice squad players are "zipping" in front of Thill's passes then he has a right to be somewhat irritated. Walk throughs are exactly that - going at about 50% speed so everyone practices their assignments, route trees, blitz pick ups, etc.. If the defense is playing at 80% then it serves no purpose. That is what practice is for, not a day before game "walk through".

        Again, media is grasping at straws here. I agree that Campbell is talking about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and even perhaps Friday practices. He said as much in his press conference.
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          If Dan is smart, he'll use this BS to help rally the team. Hope they come out angry in 2 weeks and kick much ass.


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            It's piling fluff. I'll take Darlington's take over all these other Bozo's and he said talking to players (not agents where this story seems to come from) that it was a non-issue and most didn't even know it happened. The media are like sharks and any hint of blood they will attack. Would be nice to see media integrity again and just report the damn news and not try to be part of the story but just like in sports everyone is looking to get in front of the camera on a bigger stage.


            • gulfcoast74
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              Media and integrity should not be use in the same paragraph much less the same sentence. They ALL have their own agendas.

            • cuchulainn
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              Agreed... and now Miko has been linked as one of the ''sources'' behind some of the BS that's come out this week.

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