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Players want OC & DC Gone

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  • Players want OC & DC Gone

    One thought expressed by multiple #Dolphins' players: "If they keep Coyle and Lazor it's like no change was made."

    Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz
    By the way, the player dissatisfaction we tweeted earlier today about Coyle also has been directed toward Lazor. Play-calling questioned.

    I've been thinking the same. It's not much of a difference if play calls and schemes are the same.

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    yeah, i've posted the same as have several others...I'm pretty sure most if not everyone here feels the exact same way though some have said they'd like to give Lazor the benefit of the doubt...IMO Lazor's O has been every bit if not more pathetic than the D's been & the finesse crap he chooses to run is pretty much the antithesis of the smash-mouth mentality & brand of football that Campbell is wanting to instill!


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        We'll see how this works out for Campbell, Coyle is as good as gone, if he keeps feelings Campbell will be gone at the end of the season.....

        The O is horrid, the OL, the QB, the running game, all of it.......Keeping Lazor goes against what Campbell is saying he wants from this team.....Lazor was in charge, he is responsible for this BS that's on the field week after week....

        Oh well, Campbell will live or die with his decisions....


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          I think we're all assuming that Campbell has free-reign to make these decisions..Maybe like everything the Fins have done of late, half-measures will once again be used. Campbell's hands may be tied to a certain extent and those above him will make these decisions, ultimately setting him up for failure...


          • HndRkyaBong34
            HndRkyaBong34 commented
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            That's the Dolphins way.... Nothing has changed if Campbell is the only change...

          • Seadog
            Seadog commented
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            Nothing would surprise me with this organization....

          • Driven_Phinsane!
            Driven_Phinsane! commented
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            I wouldn't say 'nothing'...I'm literally surprised as hell when the Fins actually play a competitive game & downright shocked when they win!

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          Seems like a PR stunt. Fans are pissed and want some fire. Dan is not a HC but, does have fire. That could keep fans happy for a while, maybe even until next year..

          Another year, another train wreck.


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            Players always seem to play harder and be more focused when there is a change as their own natural insecurities about their roles come into play. Whether this was the right move or not remains to be seen, but I do expect to see more effort and a win.

            It's cliche to say that teams take on the personalities of their coaches, but it's true. I'm really excited about Dan Campbell taking over and instilling some aggression into this lackluster team.


            • gulfcoast74
              gulfcoast74 commented
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              Lackluster is an understatement

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            The Lazor-Tannehill pairing is a disaster. It's hard to really judge how bad Lazor is because I can't see past the stink that is Ryan Tannehill. The front office again ignores the offensive line and it blows up in our faces. Hey, what do you know? I like Jamil Douglas and think he's doing a decent job so far as a rookie, especially considering that they decided to move him to RG after a full preseason at LG. However, he should have been our second OG taken in the draft and we still should have signed Mathis. The only possible way we could have success this season rested on the health of Branden Albert and as soon as he went down, it was over. They told us Dallas Thomas was ready and they lied to us or are too stupid to know better.
            Must I say anything about Coyle? The product speaks for itself.
            If we do fire these guys, what do we do? You can't sign an OC or DC past this year and force them on your new HC, can you? We need a full staff that knows how to work together and hold each other accountable. We have some talent at the offensive skill positions but we lack offensive linemen and a blocking scheme, a Quarterback and apparently an entire defense. That's why I'm going to shout out every time I get the chance to, "Hire Mark Dantonio and his entire Michigan State staff, trade BananaPeel and draft Michigan State Quarterback, Connor Cook #1."


            • Dolfan1
              Dolfan1 commented
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              For the love of God KB will you get off RT's ass? You ride him harder than I ride my damn horse. He is NOT nearly as bad as you make him sound. Is he elite?? Hell no, but he isn't the garbage you make him out to be either. If you can't see the bad play calling then you have a problem, it's not all on Tannehill

              Also no thank you to turning the Dolphins into Michigan State South.
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            Campbell is in a really tuff position. Fire Coyle, does not know D and promote a somewhat hopeful DC. Deal with his former boss in Lazor, who was passed over and has complete control of O by contract or, fire him and promote another unknown.

            Add in less than 2 weeks to make these changes with inmates looking for changes so they can block and tackle. Not holding my breath for any success here.


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              Article by Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report:

              The Dolphins have been struggling with a basic football concept for over a decade, so let's spell it out for them. This is how you build a football franchise: First, you hire a chief administrator of some kind to oversee all football operations.
              "ESSE QUAM VIDERI"


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                Originally posted by Kato View Post
                Article by Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report:


                A fan post from a "habibhamadi"

                I have never coached a down in the NFL but even I can pick out the problems with the Dolphins. In general, you either get the right players to fit your strategy or adjust your strategy to fit your...
                "ESSE QUAM VIDERI"


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