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  • Shuffle o-line?

    I hope we put an end to this stupid ZBS. Why not try something different with the o-line? What do we have to lose at this point?

    LT Brandon Albert - He should be relatively healthy after the bye week.

    LG Jamil Douglas - This was the position he played in college so maybe he will be more comfortable there.

    C Jeff Linkenbach - He was kept because of his ability to play both C and OG. Centers don't have to be as athletic as OG's so maybe he could be a decent fit at C.

    RG Mike Pouncey - He played well at times at OG last year with Satele at C. Pouncey is athletic enough to play OG and if we go to more of a power blocking scheme he should be a good fit at OG.

    RT Juwuan James - He has had somewhat of a sophomore slump but hopefully he starts playing better after the bye week.
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    I think Pouncey stays at Center. He is athletic enough to block his man, AND clear a path off tackle... I like Douglas at LG, and hope Albert is healthy. If so, the weakest spot is RG, but being sandwiched between Pouncey and James, will help whoever plays that position...


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      Just had this conversation in my other group. NO, do NOT move Pouncey to guard. Did last years fiasco not prove to you that he is much better at Center than Guard??? NO NO NO to moving Pouncey.
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        Agree... you don't cripple Center AND Guard by moving Pouncey. I do agree on moving Douglas to the left side as he played there in College. I'd like to see them get Turner in the mix at RG.

        Turner's game in college was based on strength and aggression. Here we've asked him to be finesse. If Dan is really going to insist on a power game, then Turner should definitely be able to get a role on the line.


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