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The Big O has won me over...

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  • The Big O has won me over...

    I have been OK with keeping Tannebaum, but listening to him more and more I agree that Ross needs to do this right and get rid of everyone including Tannebaum. Granted, Ross wont do this, so I hope he can turn things around, but really wish Ross would do this right and can his arse as well.

    According to Big O it was Tannebaum who wanted Suh, and Tannebaum who wanted Phillips in round two when Hickey wanted to go in another direction.

    He is pushing for Alonzo Highsmith, and I would be all for Zo coming back home and being the GM (without Tannebaum).

    Unfortunately we all know Ross wont do this. He will keep his Jet lackeys a round and continue to run this organization into the ground...

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    I agree. I have been saying for weeks now that the best move for the Dolphins is to do a COMPLETE house cleaning, not this PARTIAL house cleaning that they keep doing and is why they keep getting themselves in the same situation. Tannenbaum needs to go! Unfortunately for Hickey he needs to go to, but not for doing a bad job, but because Ross hired Tannenbaum and now his mistakes are now Hickey's mistakes as well. He never got a fair shake in Miami. But, this whole team needs to be gutted like a fish!

    I heard the same rumors on draft day that Tannenbaum pushed really hard for Phillips and Hickey wanted a running back, which I believe was Ameer Abdullah. I am obviously not positive that he was the player Hickey wanted but he was the RB that I wanted and didn't think any other RB had a 2nd round grade on them. Abdullah would be doing a way better job then Miller, although he wouldn't be doing as well with the Dolphins because of their offensive line play as well as the ridiculous play calling with all the stupid screen plays making the entire defense play up at the line.
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      I figured Tannenbaum was brought in to do Ross's dirty work..well, here's his first opportunity! Btw, i wanted Highsmith last year, sigh-h-h...


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        As I said in the other group I moderate, we need to have a dumpster fire. Throw the entire team and all the coaches in the dumpster, set fire to it, and see what rises up from the ashes.
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