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Ross to Decide on Philbin tomorrow

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  • Ross to Decide on Philbin tomorrow

    On Football Night in America before the Sunday Night game Mike Florio said that Steven Ross intends to make a decision on Philbin tomorrow. Said he wants to show the players he is committed to winning. The way Florio made it sound is Philbin may be on the hot seat. Another report said Ross was "livid" at half time.

    Stay tuned...

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    Show some balls Mr. magoo!!
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      Sure why not, give us all another sleepless night. Freakin Masochists in charge of this team.
      While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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        Ross should be livid. His entire fan base is....and the job being done by his coaches and the team is not acceptable. Make a change. Now.


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          This article is a good example of what some of us have been saying. Suh is a big and powerful man but not overwhelmingly so for an NFL DT. His advantage is a very quick first step, he catches a blocker off balance and is by him before he can recover. When you ask this type of player to play a 2 gap defense he hesitates and reads, giving away his advantage. Now he is just another player and he knows it.

          This is but one example of how our coaches have schemed the talent right out of this team.

          Here is another,
          If you are going to run the West Coast offense with a zone blocking scheme, there is a very critical timing aspect to it. The QB has to naked boot in the opposite direction the line is blocking. The ball must come out on time, it's 1,2,3 gone every time period. The receivers have a specific set of short to intermediate routes they can run and must be where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. The QB throws to a particular spot at a particular time depending on what defense he and the receiver read.

          We use the zone blocking scheme but don't boot the QB. We also don't throw the ball on time and we don't use west coast routes for our receivers. You can't do that we are trying to run a short, finesse offense with power and long passes. It won't work! Our coaching staff has installed what they call a "hybrid west coast offense". Here is a clue Einstein, if Walsh wasn't doing it this way it's probably because it won't work!

          In the teeth of epic failure, these coaches have stuck to their guns (as evidenced below) and there is no chance for improvement. The only question left is how long it takes before the owner remedies the problem, but it will NOT be fixed by this coaching staff.

          Coyle has lost this defense. Some of his players do not respect him. Some don’t like him very much. None will say so publicly. But it is true.
          That’s one reason Coyle had a closed-door meeting with players last Monday to air out grievances. At that meeting, players asked Coyle to change his defense, particularly up front.
          Defensive linemen, who are playing a two-gap defense in Coyle’s system, hate it. The two-gap requires players to read two gaps and react rather than simply attack up field as in a one-gap scheme. Coyle listened to the complaints.

          But apparently not much changed.
          And so when Ndamukong Suh, the team’s highest-paid player, wore sneakers to a full-padded practice during the week, other players noticed. They took it as a sign Suh was making a statement of dissatisfaction over the defensive coaching.
          And why are players drawing that conclusion? Because a prominent handful of them are dissatisfied over the defensive coaching, too.
          I asked Suh what gear he wore to practice Thursday.
          “Next question,” he answered.
          I asked Suh if the Monday meeting resolved anything.
          “Next question,” he answered.
          I asked Suh why the defense chronically starts slow.
          “Next question,” he answered.
          And the non-answers were appropriate after the game because Suh clearly had no answer

          Read more here:

          Read more here:


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            PM, I was so impressed by this post I stole part of it and shared it with my other group giving you full credit for it. Hope you don't mind.

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            I love the true WCO, I even love the run heavy style that Harbaugh and Shanahan run. I can't stand this Chip Kelly style of WCO. So far there are two teams running it and so far both are not working. At least in a true WCO the on linemen get to fire. To tell you the truth I really have no idea how bad or how good this O Line is because they don't fire. The first step is either a slide or a step back.

            Fo God's sake in the bye week bring a damn FB in and make a commitment to running the damn ball.

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          I know we are all on a Coaching rant these days, myself very much some point we can't overthink this gap, two gap, whatever....yes Suh has proved himself to be a terror in the past, and I believe that the defensive line schemes must have something to do with his lack of production.....but he is only one guy. And by the way, last weeks game was my first to see him in action and I was simply not impressed...he did NOT win many one on one battles, and this cant possibly be the first time he is seeing double teams, yet they neutralized him all game. And, and here is the big one, he seemed to give up on several plays.

          But back to my point. The Dolphins have given up, what 700 yards on the ground season to date? That is just bad, poor, rotten run D. This game sometimes is just about smacking the other guy in the face a few times and imposing your will. Our D line is NOT doing that, they are NOT as good as we think/thought they were. And our piss poor LB corps is the real reason for the run D stinking to high heaven. These guys are just not that good.
          "ESSE QUAM VIDERI"


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            Originally posted by Finatic
            On Football Night in America before the Sunday Night game Mike Florio said that Steven Ross intends to make a decision on Philbin tomorrow. Said he wants to show the players he is committed to winning. The way Florio made it sound is Philbin may be on the hot seat. Another report said Ross was "livid" at half time.

            Stay tuned...
            The fact that our team has come out flat and lethargic for even their BIGGEST games, during Philbin's entire tenure should have had Ross LIVID last year! It makes NO sense to sign these HUGE paydays for a QB and a NT, and then NOT have coaches who can get the most out of them!
            I admit that a few years ago I wanted Fist Pumping Tony gone so bad, I was soured on anybody who was associated with Parcells, or that had already been a Head Coach in the league.
            I liked what Green Bay had done, and knew that they had a solid O-Line, (which we had lacked for YEARS), so I was very HIGH on hiring Joe.
            (Up until he brought in Sherman, and they then used our #8 pick on one of the least experienced QB's in the draft)

            Now all I want is to hear that this circus has left town!
            A monkey with a "magic 8 ball" couldn't do any worse than these guys have done. When a team has a D-Line such as ours, and NO pass rush, there are SERIOUS problems!
            PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, FIRE PHILBIN and COYLE 1st thing tomorrow!


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              I think Philbin will be fired tomorrow. I don't think Coyle will though. In my opinion Coyle shouldn't even be coaching a high school team, but then again, neither should Lazor either. Nole and I discussed this in another thread. There are no coaches on staff to take the place of Coyle or Lazor. If you research this entire coaching staff things will make sense. It will be like a cartoon, a lightbulb will suddenly appear above your head like it did mine. Aside from Philbin, Coyle and Lazor none of these morons have NFL experience and the few that do (Philbin, Coyle and Lazor) don't have a clue. There's nobody to promote!! Did Sherman set Philbin up for failure so he could take his job from him? That could be one conspiracy theory. I just can't imagine anybody with NFL experience putting together, on purpose, such a ridiculous group of coaches. They are a joke!

              People post the meaning of "insanity" as a joke but it's actually true for this coaching staff. They keep trying to do the same thing week after week, season after season, after it has already failed, expecting different results. I have heard dozens of coaches talk about this subject recently and they weren't even talking about the Dolphins, they were just talking about football in general. It's like basic math, everyone gets it but people with below average intelligence. Well, our coaching staff doesn't get the basic principals of football. Cris Collinsworth was talking about Weeden tonight and mentioned that if he doesn't start taking shots down the field, and keeps doing this "Throw short, short , short.....stuff all the time everyone is going to play up and will take away the passing game as well as the running game." He is right. He is also an ex RECEIVER, not a coach. The forum members know this. Everyone seems to know this but our coaching staff. They are not playing Suh correctly but does Coyle change anything? Nope! I watch so many other teams play and while watching the Texans game I got to see what Suh COULD DO if he played for a real DC. They were lining Watt up all over the line, not having him rush from the exact same place on every down. The Texans head coach took the blame for the loss, he didn't mumble and say that "they" needed to figure this out. He already knew what was wrong and took the blame for it. Philbin needs to be fired. He's a great person but not a great head coach. Sorry, Coach.
              "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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