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3 big offseason mistakes

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  • 3 big offseason mistakes

    Not firing Philbin. Its clear that he doesn't have a clue how to be a HC in the NFL.

    Signing Suh. This is probably going to go down as the biggest free agent bust signing in the history of the NFL.

    Signing Tannehill to a long term contract. Its clear that he is not the answer. I know our o-line stinks but even when he has time to throw he consistently misses open receivers he does not read the field well and he does not have the instincts for the position.

    Philbin will be gone by the end of the season but we are now saddled with the salaries of Suh and Tannehill for the foreseeable future.

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    Think Tannehill's contract is team friendly if he doesn't live up to expectations and Suh didn't suddenly become horrible. I believe if you just let him do what he did in Detroit, he'd be fine.
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    I agree.

    I think Suh could pay off with the right defensive coordinator because Coyle is equally as unqualified for his job is Philbin is as a head coach. If I were the owner of this team I would be calling up Jim Schwartz and asking him if he would like to be the highest paid DC in the league. I would reunite those two and then go after the best head coach I could find that would be willing to work with him. Defense wins championships. I will admit I would be leaning towards head coaching candidates that were willing to be okay with trading Tannehill because he is a backup QB pretending to be a starter.
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      I'll agree on Philbin, but he should have been canned 2 seasons ago, or forced to fire Coyles like he was forced to fire Sherman.

      The biggest FA bust in NFL history was Albert Haynesworth. Suh is doing what he is being coached to do. He had 3 tackles today and a stuff. Coyles is requiring him to run stunts and to maintain gap responsibility. The disappointments on the DL are Wake, OV, and Mitchell.

      Tannehill is signed to a long term contract - but we can opt out. Don't get caught up in the contract numbers. Players rarely play out their contracts or collect all the money that gets associated with their contracts. Also, you have to have someone as good or better to replace him with. We do not. If we drafted a QB next year, you'd still have to give the rookie a couple years to learn the game and the new offense. You'd still have to fix the coaching and the OL.

      The mistakes were first Ross extending Philbin and continuing to make him solely responsible to Ross. Once Philbin is fired, Tbaum will hire his own coach and possibly his own GM. The roster you're seeing is Philbin and Hickey. The other mistakes were on player evaluation, particularly on the OL, LB, and DBs.


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        1 big mistake! Philbin and co. Other 2 are great and potential good!
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