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the coaching into future?

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  • the coaching into future?

    how can anyone think that the coaching can get any better from here on in.
    this is a game where the spot light was on the coaching staff ,and even with the WHOLE world's eyes on this game,there was no change in the game plan or execution from any game so far this season.
    so how would a coaching change greatly change any out come for the rest of the season. there is no reason not to change the coaching staff,RIGHT NOW.
    with a change and in house take over there is only a net advantage.
    coyle 's defensive scheme being taken over by a backup can't do any worse that the bottom where it is now!
    the offense being taken over by someone in house can't get any worse and of coarse HC can't get worse !

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    why does every one think that lazor deserves a crack at the HC job, in my opinion he hasn't done any better than coyle in coming up with a solution of the offensive short comings.
    the offense is anemic,so why promote a coach that runs an anemic scheme to HC.


    • HndRkyaBong34
      HndRkyaBong34 commented
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      Hell, the waterboy would be a upgrade over any of these people claiming to be coaches

    • FinFan in KC
      FinFan in KC commented
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      Because his offense hasn't been quite as dismal as the defense and it has to be someone from inside. I don't think you could get someone from the outside to come in mid-season. But the HC has to go to send a message that this performance is unacceptable.

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    It can't and it won't. The only thing that might change things on this season is to fire Coyle and Philbin. If they are in place, the team is going to throw in the towel. They can't do the job and the players know it. The fans know it. Everybody seems to know it except the people who can do something about it.


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