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  • The cold, hard truth

    We way overpaid Banana-Peel and he stinks.
    Philbin is totally lost.
    Coyle is in way over his head.
    Benton has created the worst O line maybe ever.
    Lazor has no chance of success with Banana-Peel at QB.
    The front office blew the first three rounds of the draft and followed it up by not signing the O lineman they needed.
    Entire administration was totally out-strategized by this forum who saw this team for what it really is better than they did. That's really pathetic.
    2016 should be the focus from this point on. We have great receivers, a great Tight End, a very promising young RB in Ajayi and three OL we can count on (James, Pouncey and Douglas) . The blocking scheme needs to change as does the Quarterback position. Tannehill is a big mistake. TRADE HIM NOW! He's getting easier and easier to game plan against.
    Get a real D coordinator who can really evaluate talent and scheme at the NFL level. The D needs a lot of work. We desperately need LBs, CBs and a Safety.
    We need to fire everybody, except maybe Lazor (hamstrung by moron at QB) but how do we replace an entire staff? Let this play out, get a real QB and have the high pick we get for Mr. Overthrow.
    Tannehill is garbage! So done with his complete ignorance at the position. Total joke. Spineless bimbo.

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    I totally agree, we can't do anything right, the defense can't stop the run and can't pressure the QB. The offense can't run and can't block for Tannehill and when Tannehill does throw the ball downfield its 10 yards past the receiver. He is not even close. This roster needs to be totally rebuilt and we need a new coaching staff. Philbin Coyle and Lazor all suck.


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