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  • Soft as tissue paper

    Thats what the Dolphins are. We must have the worst D-line and worst O-line in the NFL. This defense is a joke getting gashed for 8 and 9 yards on the ground at a clip. I am also done with this stupid zone blocking scheme we have on offense. We get no push in the running game and nobody seems to be able to block anybody for Tannehill.

    We have a chance to get back in the game after the penalty against the Jets set us up first and goal from the 1 yard line. What do we do? Come out passing and then they call the tick tack penalty against Parker which put us back at the 11 yard line then we have to abandon the run. Why do we not have a short yardage package to run the ball into the end zone on goal line situations? You come out passing on first and goal at the 1? That proves you are as soft as tissue paper.

    This defense is also as soft as tissue paper. We are going to have the worst run defense in the NFL after week 4. They consistently get gashed on the ground. Pathetic.

    If this is how we are going to play the rest of the season it would not surprise me if we go 1-15 just like 2007. Time to clean house this team is a joke.

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    Yes! New coaches first round first pick. Might as well have something to look forward to.
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      You are being hard on tissue paper.
      Can we sign this guy?


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