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Dolphins vs Jets Prediction Thread!

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  • Dolphins vs Jets Prediction Thread!

    I say the Fins surprise everyone and pull this one out and piss all the fire Philbin fans. LOL!

    Dolphins 24 Jets 20

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    Dolphins win 17-13. This will be the start of turning things around BUT I will not be pulled into the hype as everything will fall apart AGAIN at the end of the season.


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      24-17 Miami..


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        3-2 Miami!!!!!


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          Hate to be the negative one here.....but 27-7 jests.


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            After last week I have ZERO confidence. I really thought this team would come out pissing vinegar and beat or at least have a very hard hitting competitive game with Buffalo. Instead we got a team in the shadow of it's coach. I wouldn't be shocked if they came out and blew the doors of NY, but equally wont be shocked if the Jets come out and run them out of London.

            I can't predict Miami to lose, just wont do it. The last time I did was Monday night against the Bears, and we all know how that went.

            Miami 24 - Jets 21


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              Jets 40-Fins 3 Can't block so Jets will follow Bills.


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                I think the jest are to good on defense and lazors offense only scores 13.
                miami's defense keeps it close but at the end they can't stop the jets in the 4th quarter.
                the dolphins don't look as bad as they did in the buffalo game but lose 20-13 .
                don't know if philbin looses his job because miami shows fight but looses.
                ross doesn't want change so if there is improvement philbin and co. stays.
                but the pressure will be really on philbin to have his team play with fire and if the team plays like a HS team again ,philbin gets the ax when that or if it happens again.

                this is coaching being studied and evaluated just like they do to the players in preseason.they either do or die.
                the players kind of make a difference ,because what ever they do ,they aren't under the microscope as much.
                they can play great and save the coach,or they can just play and throw the coach under the bus(not on purpose).
                if the players play great , the spot light now shinning on how well the coaches has them ready.
                if the players bomb this game the spotlight is not on the players as much as it would be on the coaches!

                these coaches have to be taken in a private meeting and told to do this and that, they don't make changes easily.
                like we have seen this year it takes till the half for any changes to happen,so I have very little confidence that these coaches will make the adjustments needed to turn this season around for more that one ar 2 games! so see ya philbin. now I hope I'm not right because it was a nice feeling to be really excited that this team was the team to finally break that losing ,not making it to the playoffs years!


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                  Not sure what the score will be but I expect us to get blown out.
                  While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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                    Jets 34 Dolphins 13


                    • gulfcoast74
                      gulfcoast74 commented
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                      After further review I don't think we can even score 13

                    • Alpha
                      Alpha commented
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                      And the jests can likely score a lot more than 34. This is embarrassing.

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