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  • Memory Lane From London Fans

    Every time I watch a game from London, I take trip down Memory Lane by watching and listening to the fans. Some don't know much about the game, the teams or players. Some are not sure when to cheer or be upset. They are there for the event, the excitement of the stadium, and the hits and misses with the oh's and ah's, and just loving being there.

    Most everyone here is way past that. We dissect and trisect every play, the call, the blocking, the scheme on D (one gap/2 gap), the coaching, time management, etc, etc, etc. Hell, we even want to cut players for a mistake in a preseason game. We know too much.

    I do miss the simpler and more fun times of just enjoying the game. It was special. Anyone else remember what that was like?

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    Love this post, so true in all aspects of life. That's why I am a grumpy old man. Watch my grand kids playing. They are truly happy just running and playing, even if they are in the wrong coverage and not properly reading their keys and down by 3 touchdowns!


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      Nothing like a good trip (down memory lane of course!) Sad that it's just memories that bring Fin fans joy these days but what're you gonna do??...I loved it when i was around 7,8, & 9 years old, playing tackle football with my friends & watching real football players like **** Butkus play the game how it was supposed to be played..


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        Feel good thread! love it! But I'm sick of going down memory lane... I want my Cake now!!!!!lol


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          It's the internets fault.


          • HndRkyaBong34
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            hahah! No, it's Obama's fault! Come on!

          • VAIDER5120
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            True as he did invent the internet or was that Gore either way your right its our current slander and queefs fault.

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          This is not Memory Lane for the Dolphins. It's Memory Lane for being becoming a fan of the game and how good it felt.

          Little did we F'n know what was coming.


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            Fortunately, I don't know as much about the mechanics of the game as some of you do. Besides I have a 25" TV and no replay so I can't disect every play. Also I don't have time to watch 12 games a weekend so when I watch my Dolphins I still have that feeling of awe (somewhat) that I had as a kid.
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