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    I saw where Dion Lewis was released, and wanted to pick him up. Could not do it as he was claimed before me. I would have had interest in a trade, and think some trade talk would be fun.

    If anyone has interest, we could list players we are looking to replace and what we are looking for in their place before moving him to the waiver wire. Just a thought.

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    I like the sound of it.
    Can we sign this guy?


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      Really simple. If you're gonna drop a player to pick up another on Tues, post it here first to see what may come of it. If nothing, you make a clai9m on Wed, which is the same.

      For example, I'm thinking of dropping M Williams, CJ Anderson, and John Brown next week but, need to consult with my Bad Ass partner.

      Just something to start a trade thought.


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        I am looking for a RB everyone. Scan my roster and see what appeals. FYI don't offer me to stiffs for a top ten starter. The two stiffs don't equate to a star player. It has to be an equal point value or better.


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